Feel solid soul filled beats, deep bouncing bass, sexy rock guitar with a strong blues influence. Fused with strong folk roots, smooth sax and ripping harmonica. We bring all of our favorite genres together for this kickin original sound.


All from Calgary Alberta, old friends and life jammers. In 2003, While at a house party in south east Calgary, Brendon needed someone to bust a beat on the house kit. Completely new to drums, Angus volunteered and blew everyone away. We then joined with Joseph Squance and Marissa Alaric to form the band "Marching for Rudy". Which, after a few years of song writing and performing, split from lead singer Marissa. Soon after, we discovered Nique Bruce, who needless to say, blew us away as well. With her diverse sounds and amazing attitude to music and creativity, helped solidify the sound and bring all four members together.
We're living in Montreal for summer 2008 practicing daily and recording demo tracks. Each member brings their own personal tastes and influences to our sound. From Rock, Blues, Reggae, Country and folk, whenever we hit the stage you will hear something new.
Thats the way we like it.


This Place

Written By: Nique Bruce

The memory of you on me, I can't sleep
It's never ending it's haunting, it's killing me
And even though I can't
He's just
He's just

Come on and cry black for shame
I don't wanna hear his name
Come on and cry black for shame
Then let it all down

She let her fake garden grow
Now in the corner of her happy little home
And even though she knows its to right to hang
She'll just
She'll just

So come on cry black for shame
I don't wanna hear her name
come on and cry black for shame
then let it all down


EP #1- 4 instrumentals
I Can Wait
Death March
For The Moment

EP #2- 3 tracks
6 am
Heat it Up
All dried out

Set List

Our set list can be adjusted to any preferred time, typically 45-60 minutes. We include covers from such bands as Sublime, The Clash, Bob Marley, Van Morrison, and many more.