Attempt To Fail
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Attempt To Fail

Round Lake, Illinois, United States | SELF

Round Lake, Illinois, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"A local metal show: Some Bands Surprise, Some Really Suck."

Attempt To Fail kicked off the night with their first live show ever and proved to be a welcomed surprise, something that always makes a show better then expected.

They bring a different feel, finally, to the local metal scene. This feel is most specifically not even close to anything metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, or anything "core" for that matter. As a band their genre is hard to classify, but they are most definitely a kind of alternative metal, with somewhat of a funk twist to them because of their drummer's style. They also have a bit of a Rage Against the Machine feel, but have a very distinct sound of their own which is very melodic in nature, yet pretty damn catchy for a metal band.

There was a few screams in some of the songs, but they are specifically well placed and usually only consist of word or two. They have yelling vocals and before you think it, those yelling vocals sound nothing like Ollie Sykes from BMTH. Also included was some rap style vocals, as well as David's backup vocals which were on and clean sounding. (Oh, and no, they dont sound anything like Limp Bizkit.)

I did detect some surprising and well timed blast beats in some of the heavier parts of the song, which were yet another impressive mix by the drummer who distinctly gives this band their unique feel. Lyrically their songs have some obvious philosophical bents to them, something that is surprising in the metal scene, which unfortunately is dominated by relationship themed lyrics.

Solos. Solos. Even though I despise solos, the ones that they did have was catchy enough to the point that it blended well with the song rather then sounding like it was thrown in, which really surprises me.

Their best song was easily their last song "Suffer-cate", which had a bit more of a melodic feel to it, but "Shits and Giggles" is another one that deserves a mention. It even included a well timed breakdown at the end. Before I sum this up, let me bring it up one last time, the talent and ability of their drummer is something that should be pointed out as he gives this band their unique feel.

If your looking for a different feeling metal then the accustomed "core" kind that most of us are used to, check these guys out. Their current recordings on their myspace are from Swing State, so dont judge them by that.
Go out and see them, its worth your time. - The Underground Music Scene


Humble EP:
1. Suppress The Season
2. Humble
3. Sh!ts & Gigglz
4. So Long
5. I'm Not Srry

Humble received streaming radio play.
So Long (Radio Edit) recieved traditional radio play.



Attempt To Fail formed in the summer of 2010. From day one, the four members have been freestyling some very catchy music. When they write songs, they put power and emotion behind them. When they play, they feed energy to the crowd through interaction and hype. Between edgy, groundbreaking, punishing songs, they can instantly change up the flow without disrupting it by improvising a rap battle, throwing down a freestlye metal rap, or just laying down a funky metal groove to move to. In less than a year, this band has accomplished more than most local bands and are only just beginning. The creativity flows on a daily basis and new songs go from conception to completion in a matter of weeks, sometimes days.