Attention, Perfection!

Attention, Perfection!

 Lakeland, Florida, USA

fun, catchy, sophisticated, love songs galor, just as many break up songs.


Attention, Perfection! Is up and coming premier Singer/Songwriter William Arthur, from Lakeland, Florida. After getting his first guitar in March of 2008, He quickly became a novice musician. It did not take long for people to realize he possessed the true art of writing his own songs. He began writing, what he called "Stupid little love songs". After seeing in himself what others could hear, he graduated to a more mature writing style, throwing in the occasional dirty word or two. Most people who listen describe his lyrics as "catchy" and "the kind of stuff that gets stuck in your head from the time you wake up, till the time you fall asleep." And his guitar work has been described as having a "Clear, bright sound.” Attention, Perfection! is quickly becoming known to more and more people, and upon getting 10,000 MySpace fans, released "As", This included several never before heard songs. In December 2010 "" Was released to rave reviews, and the occasional “It’s alright." vibe from some. 2011 may prove to be the year of Attention, Perfection! So be on the lookout for several new song releases, possibly even a complete album towards the middle of the year, and of course SHOWS!


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