At the Controls

At the Controls


At the Controls is like a psychedelic blues rock sandwich. It sits well with the likes of jazz and the occasional country honk, like Crazy Horse meets Peter Green. This band is four of Vancouver's finest delivering a powerful take on modern rock and roll.


Vancouver is a sleepy city, and it takes a little more
than your average group of kids to get the ball rolling, and they know it all to well. It's been 3 years of jamming, rehearsing and recording, and countless shows to account for the wild ride that has lead to the birth of At the Controls. Nearly four years ago, singer-guitarist Steven Beddall and bass player Jackson Baker first jammed, and when they teamed up with multiple DMC champion turned drummer Nick Alsfeld, and keyboard guru Peter Bowles, they knew they were on to something. It's perhaps their mutual affection for the classics.
Nick pounds the kit furiously, like a possesed Bonham. The songs echo the sixties,a bluesy Zeppelin comes to mind. A seventies, Crazy Horse backed Neil Young can be heard. At the Controls
isn't interested in becoming a look-alike wannabe pop-rock band. What sets them apart is their individuality, their uncompromising approach to the blues and their mesmerizing live shows. They deliver a powerful interpretation of modern blues, and the audience is always slightly taken back, trying to figure out what's going on. After all, bands like these don't come along too often, but Vancouver is starting to warm up to these crazy classic rock revivalist freaks and it's beginning to show. The shows are more frequent. The audience
is drawn in meticulously, not too abrassively but rather a calm fixation. The doors have just opened, and these four gentlemen couldn't be more eager to step up to the plate.


Pass it Around

Written By: Steven Beddall

Late at night
She wasn't lying
She tells me how my luck is down
She wanna hold me closely
Love me
Tell me what that's all about
Yeah, yeah she was a helluva girl
I could never put her down
Everybody want a piece of the action, when she come around


La, la la la
Pass it around
On your left hand side
Hey hey hey hey
Pass it around when it makes you fell alright

Late at night
She wasn't lying
She tells me how my luck is dry
She want to give me a reason
Just tell me tell me tell me why
Mary Jane was a helluva woman
I could never put her down
Everybody wanna piece of the pie
When she comes around



EP - At the Controls

Set List

This set list would fill an hour and a half

My Old Friend
Pass it Around
Your Love
Flushing Meadows
Just a Child
Gonna take time
Left Behind
Never any Hassle
She's so Fine

She's so Heavy-Beatles
Crazy Mama-JJ Cale
Only You-Peter Green
When you Dance-Neil Young