At The Forefront

At The Forefront


As musicians we could say that we are just gonna "rock your face off",but that`s not really who we are.Instead we want to share thru our music the love and hope and acceptance we have found,that has change our lives.We hope that you can walk away from our show having experience all that and more!!


At the Forefront came toghether with the desire to bring a message to the masses!!We believe that if we can create a possitive atmosfere music can be a great tool to reach out to many.Our musical background it`s about as diverse as it gets!,bringing a variety of sounds and influences that have giving us a very unique sound.We want to make a conection with as many people as we can, and hopefully in the time we get to hangout
we can be a good influence in their lives.


Currently recording.

Set List

This is the hour
Stand in the Fire
Meet me where iam
Set list it`s flexible and can be adjusted.We can ad to it for a total playing time of over an hour.