At The Snow

At The Snow


Started as a small recording project but quickly became this big musical collective. With its big gangvocals, trumpet, violin, melodic drumparts, etc At The Snow is a great live band!


At The Snow started off as a small singer/songwriter album, but evolved into a big project with an orchestra, gang vocals, etc. In January 2011 Berry de Snoo started working on 10 songs in Ede (Netherlands) with his friend Ruben van der Kooij, and Seattle (USA) based drummer Jesse Proctor. Interacting through Skype, Dropbox, e-mail, etc. the album started to take shape during the first half of 2011. Starting off small, At The Snow ended up being a big project, with 35 musicians playing along. The album was released March 24th 2012.


March 24th 2012 release album "At The Snow"