Attica Barz
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Attica Barz

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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singles are The Day, Cant Get Out



Once in a great while there comes an individual, whom projects his or her own distinct message and breaks the mold of the everyday artist. A product of the Lower East Side of New York, Baruch Projects Musa has a swift tongue and distinct style marked by his wit and machine-gun like flow. He has been deemed as the Muslim version of Christopher Rios.(Big Punisher)

Standing 6 foot 7 at 245 lbs, this towering artist is everything but one dimensional. Noted as a Poet/Singer Musa, has the ability to captivate any audience, bringing something new to the table every time.

Inspired by the many musical influences in Musa's family, ranging from his brother who was a break dancer as well as a disc jockey, two of his sisters, cousin’s, and a brother-in-law who posses poetical/singing talent. Having to separate himself as an individual, it was apparent that his voice would be heard.

Musa has received the recognition from hip-hop icons such as Wyclef Jean, Nas, and Doug E Fresh. Musa has appeared in various competitions, performed in many talent shows, has been heard on multiple radio stations, and has been featured on several DVD's.

As a solo artist, Musa grabs the everyday listener's ear and takes them on a journey through the windows of his soul with an arsenal of songs ranging from street anthems to poetic tales. Musa started off doing regular political poems and songs then made the conversion to, as he will call it "Hallal Music". Stating "Although I was Born into Islam (La illaha ill'Allah. Mohammad Rasul Allah), I felt like a non believer taking shahadah. I would always refer even with my prior music to Allah(swt)as well Prophet Muhammad(pbuh). That's what defined me. Neighborhood Mc's and fellow label mates used to call me "Good Brother" lol (laughing to himself). "They used to ask me, why do you always throw religion in your music? That' s not going to appeal to everyone."
Musa would soon realize that it was in his name that would shape his destiny. Musa meaning Moses in arabic and Moses being one of Allah's(swt) Prophets in Islam(pbuh). " I knew what our purpose is, to be slaves of Allah. And while doing music that took the mind off of AllAh, and into a club or a sexual mood was harram. At the end of the day after making tahhajud sallah, when I was about to lay my head at night I felt guilt. I had to change this, If I was going to convey a message through music, it would be a message of Islam." I wanted to give Muslim brother's and sister's our own music to relate and listen to. They'll be able to sit back and unwind while increasing their emaam, inshallah.

The first day Musa had sat down to write on the right path, he created ten songs. Saying it felt refreshing, making a comparison of going to Juma on fridays." This is my home, This is where I belong".