Attica Smiles

Attica Smiles


We are a powerful, fun band who's music is about relationships, fun times, and your "how-the-hell-to-get-through-this-life" life. We love playing music and having fun with the crowd and our friends.


We are a small band from a smaller town in Indiana. It is a suburb of Chicago. We've been growing up with great Chicago music scenes and decided to start a band so we could get in that setting. It always looked so awesome. We would love to play on a bigger stage someday as well. We play punk rock, pop punk, alternative music that mixes well with Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Sum 41, and many others. Our three members found each other at a beer pong party during a drunken rendition of "Since You Were Gone" by Kelly Clarkson. Lungs bursting and guitar riffs mending our aching throats we new we had something great. Attica Smiles soon came to exist. With a great upbeat sound, poppy anthems, and driving guitar melodies Attica Smiles looks to mend hearts and break them in one sweeping motion. Much more than junk to listen you have music to chant, dance, and romance to.


Failure: A Lesson In Love

Written By: Daniel John Ormos

Verse 1:
Hello, Goodbye. How's the day in your life? Everything was going fine, just another night I fell behind. Every fucking day I think of you... You always call me a fool, but... I only wanna be with you. I only wanna be with you.

Verse 2:
Precious, I'm special...Who knows what those damn words mean? You never call me either one. To you I will always be seen as a reject, someone you'd want to forget. I'm just worthless and stupid.

*() - Backup Vocals
It seems like every day I change for you.
In every way my life is passing me by. (My life is passing me by)*
And I just wanna stay with you tonight. (Can I just stay with you tonight)*
Think I'll run away. Maybe I'll get away this time.

Verse 3:
It is so hard for me to get through to you. As hard as I seem to try...just can't seem to make it through to you. (To You)* Listen to me. I'll keep on trying anyway to gain your love. I only wanna hear you say....(Goes into chorus)



*Last line in last chorus backup vocals (I wanna run away with you tonight)*

1st Voice: "Think I'll run away"
2nd Voice: "Maybe I will get away this time"



An Untold Story EP
It is not on a label or in stores. Neither are we. :(
No radio airplay yet, either.
An Untold Story EP is a self produced/written album that we put out with our own money. Only 4 songs long, but still a good 18 minutes of great music.

Set List

We usually play 12 to 15 songs for our shows so that our fans can see us for longer than 20 minutes. Get what you paid for I like to say. Our 12 song set list is usually around 45 minutes long. We love to do "When I Come Around" by Green Day, "Keep Fishin'" by Weezer, and our rendition of "Free Falling" by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.
12 Song Set List:
1. Failure: A Lesson In Love
2. Brake Lights
3. Free Falling
4. Better Off
5. Fairy Tale Endings Are For Teenage Dropouts
6. Keep Fishin'
7. Disappear (What Would Tomorrow Be Like)
8. Cry My Eyes
9. When I Come Around
10. She Loves Like A Suicide
11. Angel's Breath
12. High School Romances That Create Teenage Tragedy