Attic Lights

Attic Lights

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Weezer's guitars played through The Lemonheads's amps coupled with the vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys and Teenage Fanclub via the classic melodic songwriting of the 1970s.



Attic Lights are a Scottish indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. Their four-part harmonies have led to critical comparisons with Teenage Fanclub and The Beach Boys. Their guitar heavy powerpop has been compared to alternative rock bands such as Weezer, R.E.M. and The Lemonheads. A series of independent releases and live performances, including a well-received appearance at the 2007 T in the Park festival led to a bidding war between major labels. The band signed with Island Records and released their debut album, Friday Night Lights, in October 2008. In 2012, the band signed with Spanish label Elefant Records and released their second album Super De Luxe, in May 2013.



Friday Night Lights (2008 – Island Records)
Super De Luxe (2013 – Elefant Records)


"Attic Lights" - (EP UK 2005 – self-release)
"Shiver the Trees" - (EP UK 2006 – self-release)
"Martin" - (7" UK 2006 – Island Records)
"God" - (7" UK 2007 – Island Records)
"Never Get Sick of the Sea" - (2008 – Island Records)
"God" - (2008 - re-release, Island Records)
"Bring You Down" - (2008 – Island Records)
"Wendy" - (2008 – Island Records)
"Santa's Girlfriend" - (2008 – Island Records)
"Late Night Sunshine" / Minder Theme Tune - "I Could Be So Good For You" - (2009 – Island Records)
"Say You Love Me" - (2013 – Elefant Records)
“Future Bound” - (2013 – Elefant Records)
“Orbison” - (2014 – Elefant Records)

Set List

1) Bring You Down
2) Future Bound
3) Orbison
4) Don't You
5) God
6) Hit & Miss
7) Stay Before You Leave
8) Say You Love Me