Los Angeles, California, USA


Rusty Coones sits behind the desk of his office in the custom motorcycle shop he owns in Orange County, CA. His imposing size is enough to drum up nerves in anyone, yet he seems happy and calm as he cycles through pictures of the incredible choppers he builds on a daily basis. He becomes increasingly excited as he begins to talk about the music he has been working on alongside his band, ATTIKA7, who are all present as they prepare for a photo shoot.

ATTIKA7 comes from humble beginnings to defy the odds and see Coones achieve a second-chance, something that is hard to do for someone with a tough story like his own. Rusty wrote the music for ATTIKA7 while he spent 8 years of his life in federal prison cells in Oregon and Texas. Fingered by federal agents as an associate of an organized crime ring, Rusty was incarcerated and news media was inundated with footage of the Hell’s Angels chapter president as he was arrested, tried and sentenced. Things were forever changed in Rusty’s life and left to reevaluate himself, ATTIKA7 was born.

Coones reveals, “The solitude resulting from years of incarceration and deprivation of freedom can put a man’s mind in a state of deep thinking and, in some cases, he will become inspired to write music that comes from a place deep in his soul that he otherwise would have never tapped into on the streets.“

Many of ATTIKA7’s lyrics were inspired by life inside the walls of prison and the music itself began to take shape as a suitable progression of the lyrical content at hand. Upon Rusty’s release, he was greeted by his wife and an astounding custom-built motorcycle from his friend Jesse James to welcome him back to his regular life. Coones quickly returned to work at his own shop and began his search for bandmates to bring the music he wrote to life. This was found in his friends Jay Rexx (vocals), Danielmark (drums) and Static-X bassist Tony Campos. Now, ATTIKA7 was a full-fledged band, creating heavy yet melodic music and rallying around a commonality of motorcycle lifestyle.

With more than 30 songs already written and the help of another friend, Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise, ATTIKA7 found their way into the studio and recorded an incredible 12 song Album offering up a melodic punishment that was heavily influenced by Pantera, Rob Zombie, Metallica and Black Sabbath. The band quickly began playing shows throughout California and spreading their music for a mass of bikers and heavy music fans alike.

The band is set for a tour of the UK August 11th –August 21st of 2010. One of the stops is to play at the Bulldog Bash in England. They are also booked for the west coast dates on the upcoming Uproar Tour put on by John Reese, playing with Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold.
On another front the band is doing the music for a DVD with The Sons of Anarchy TV show that features Rusty (attika7 guitar player) and Rod Requejo building a chopper motorcycle to be auctioned off for the benefit off the Wounded Warriors Foundation. In addition to that Kurt Sutter, the producer of Sons of Anarchy is placing Attika7 music in the tv series for season 3 this year.

In 2010, the agenda is simple; ATTIKA7 is set to take on the world of hard music and tour as much as possible to bring their enthralling live show to the masses. ATTIKA7 are an in-your-face look at a world that is often subject to panic and questions; are you ready to discover what it’s all about?