Attila Horvath

Attila Horvath


Attila Horvath’s songs are smart, hard-rockin’, and manage to feel as organic as roots growing in soil, while not shying away from the distortion pedal.


Attila Horvath is a songwriter, guitarist, drummer, bassist, singer, and—a cyclist. It’s his passion for both riding and rock n roll that led him to record his solo debut “Bike Rock”, an album that can be described as “self-powered” not only because of the cycling subject matter of many songs, but also because he plays and sings the record on his own. (He has since put together a top-notch touring band.)
Most songwriters approach their craft from the perspective of what they love or long for, and Attila is no exception. What makes him a bit different, though, is that the bulk of the songs on his record show a love and longing for riding bikes, thankfully not your typical Top 40 fare to be sure. Bike Rock reveals a depth of experience on the road and over singletrack that only thousands of miles in the saddle can give. The sublime moments of a good descent roll along with feeling road rage—in other words, these songs cover what cycling is in the real world, with a rockin’ sensibility that will get its hooks into you even if you’ve never pedaled a mile.



Written By: Attila Horvath

listen to me people we all have got to try every man and every woman and every child to take the time you got put it in your hand put some music in your soul and move yourself across this land ain’t no time to waste get yourself back off the road get yourself back on your feet and throw on off that heavy load feel the music feel the drums and sing the melody sometimes life can bring you down but today there’s a thousand reasons to celebrate the day for 999 no you don’t even have to pay get outta bed get outta line and get to where you need sometimes we got ball and chain but today


Written By: Attila Horvath

these people on their way to work are passin to close but I don’t give em my middle finger I just make a solemn oath when I catch up to that driver at the next traffic light stick a knife into his tire and make it all right well I’m rollin round tennessee on the b.r.a.t. I’ve seen some nasty road rash and some pain the knees I heard some huffin and puffin goin up the three-mile climb haulin ass down the other side then everyone’s feelin fine yeah danny mccullough he’s the brat guru do I go left or do I go right he tells me what I got to do some people say he’s crazy they say what’s in his head he said I’ve seen the light I’ll paint some signs bring it back from the dead ride eat sleep repeat


Written By: Attila Horvath

the road stretches out before me black and smooth as glass headed out early this mornin the dew clingin to the grass been on the lanes for days now there’s a fire in my lungs gonna keep on glidin down this road until the afternoon sun yes I get a little weary gears turnin wheels spinnin round but I feel like a king sometimes albeit with a plastic crown freedom and speed and balance if somebody asks me why deep down inside there’s a feelin it’s one you can’t quantify the double yellow line is my companion fresh cut hay and birds in the sky and I wonder what tomorrow will bring when I get up and go for a ride


Bike Rock--released 2005

Set List

1. Flyin Free
2. Singletrack Seduction
3. 600 Wheels
4. Rollin Down
5. Fast Food
6. Road Rage
7. Nowhere Fast
8. Awake Now
9. Invisible
10. Broken Record
11. Athens
12. Ride On

Typical set is about an hour.