agressive alternative. no over-dubs on recordings. we record live so what you hear on recording is exactly what you hear live. our music is true. we take time writing what will be our "songs" because we want them to be real as they are reflections of us and our music.


attix: has been together since September 2007. Dan, Chris, and Steve have all jammed together in past bands and get-togethers, mostly with Steve and Chris taking turns with Dan in bands and get togethers. Dan and Chris have been friends since each were 13 while Steve and Dan have been friends since each were 15. Steve and Chris have met a couple of times but never really started hanging out until they both ended up in the same band in the summer of '06.
In September of 2007 the three met in an attic were a mutual and good friend of Steve and Dan's passed away for a casual but very aggressive jam with Dan and Chris both playing guitar while Steve played the drums. The three were all in search for other committed musicians and realized that what they were all looking for was right accross from one another. So that night as a joke for a band name the three formed attix:. It only took two weeks before Dan, Chris, and Steve made the band official and started into the writing process. There was only one problem, a bassist. After extensive searches and downfalls in finding a bassist, Chris decided that he would pick up the weight of the low-end sound by making the ultimate sacrafice, cashing in his most prized possession, his Jackson guitar for a bass. After the first month attix: was a definent and all three decided that they would put everything into this band that they had and were going to take it all the way.
Since that September night in the attic, attix: has formed a close bond with one another while writing and jamming their own music at any chance possible.


attix: is currently in the recording proccess for their first self release, "aggression in the attix:"

Set List

1. "I.S."
2. "Falling"
3. "Trust"
4. "Five"
5. "Render"
6. "Fading and Forgotton"
attix:'s set is roughly 30 minutes