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Opened up for Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte in 2004
Currently I am getting radio play in new york's 107.9 and in san antonio. People have been requesting it in clubs and parties. The song is titled



Born in Ethiopia Africa. Issachar Samuel Tesfaye
Aka Zeta started to follow his drive for music at the age of 13. He first heard the sounds of Eminem and Dr.Dre on the slim shady LP and instantly fell in love with hip-hop music and got more into it. So into it that after finishing high school he decided college was not for him and dropped out the first year to pursue his music career more. A few years later he was named by MYSPACE the third top artist out of 4.6 million artists and over 40 different genre’s of music. First in the best unsigned rapper and second to tila tequila in the hip-hop category witch is pretty much first noticing that tila tequila is not a lyricist by far. He got the look the voice the style the star quality feel the hooks the right lyrics the high iq in music knowledge the diversity the complete package you can say. He has opened up for the legends of hip-hop such as Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Mc Lyte and few other more. Big Daddy Kane gave him his best advice when he free styled to him in the dressing room. As Zeta rapped to him at the age of 17 Big Daddy Kane noticed potential in Zeta and told him to not be scared to rap from his heart to rap with confidence and to be different. Aftermath’s Bishop Lamont heard his skills on the mic, along with Warren G. They were rocking to his tunes hooks and lyrics. Coming out of poverty refugee camps living the immigrant life did not slow him down. He just used all the negative of his life story and puts it in his music as fuel to his fire. He is here to redefine hip-hop. To put meaning behind it!!!! A multi talented person that is eager to maybe get a chance to work with those two great names that influenced him into what he does now, Eminem and Dr.Dre. A breath of fresh air that hip-hop and the music world is looking for.