Attomica started in 1986, in 1991 they released Disturbing the Noise. In 2000 the band reunited and by 2008 they had built enough momentum to start pursuing larger engagements.

The band came out with a new studio album in 2012 - Attomica 4 - and are pursuing their reunion head-on! It is being sold in Europe and Asia, and the band wishes to be known by US audiences.


Attomica is a band that already has its name engraved with honors in the history of metal in Brazil. They started playing in 1986, their sound being heavily influenced by eighties thrash metal, which had been gaining ground and strength in Brazil.

The band’s discography is as follows: Attomica (1987), Limits of Insanity (1989), Disturbing the Noise (1991), The Blast Of Vídeo: Video/VHS (2002), Back and Alive (2004 – live), Attomica 4 (2012).

Their classic album “Disturbing the Noise” was responsible for catapulting Attomica to the next level in terms of sound quality and success. The 1991 album took Attomica’s name not only to all corners in Brazil but also abroad and overseas. Alongside other major and contemporary rising Brazilian metal acts such as Sepultura, Oversdose, Korzus, Sarcofago, and Ratos de Porão, Attomica is to this day one of the most important names in Brazilian metal.

In 2012 the band has released their new studio album: Attomica 4. This album brings together the band’s maturity and evolution in the most recent years. The songs are powerful, and continue with the traditional heaviness that has characterized Attomica’s style in all of their releases.

This album also marks the debut of singer Alex Rangel, who brings new influences and an incredibly powerful voice. Certainly Attomica is living the best point in their careers, and Attomica 4 will certainly be heralded and remembered as a classic as well.



Written By: JP

The cold wind comes slow and down
Bringin' a dark foggy night
Reborn from a distant past
The day of the live and dead

Killers will raise from the ground
Deformed faces, and damaged brains
The time has worked to create
The perfect machine of death

Rotten hands gonna squeeze your neck
Till your face turns to blue
From death they get back
Killing is just what they do

When the dead returns to kill

There'll be nowhere for you to run
When you see the cold eyes of death

Creatures that can't be stopped
Rippin' you limb to limb
A sequence of bloody crimes
Dead bodies loosing energy
Kiling everyone till deform
This way they'll be reborn

Suckn' your hot virgin blood
Breakin' you into fuckin' pieces
Gonna take your fuckin' life
But soon they'll be back

Rotten hands gonna squeeze your neck
Till you face turns to blue
From death they get back
Killing is just what they do

When the dead returns to kill

Flash Maniac

Written By: JP

You keep happy and laughin'
Till the murder get in your way
You can't cry or run fool
The slaghter wants you

You'll see
His knife
In your throat
Blood's runnin'
Death's comin'

The smell of blood and flesh
Pleasures his dirty mind
He squeezes your painfull face

He rips out your eyes
And slices your guts
You're just a dead man
Death is life's cost

Kickin' your body
Full of hate
Using an axe to cut your face

Marching over blood

Written By: JP

Devastation, revenge and death
No mercy but only pain
The attack is violent and mortal
Step aside or you'll be destroyed

They'll beat you with chains
They'll pull out your guts
They'll beat you to death
Marching over blood

Your blood spreading in the streets
Your body in slices
You tried and didn't win
The attack was lethal

Dilacerated bodies
Hunger for violence
Hungry wolves
Marching over blood

Ways of Death

Written By: JP

The guilty one
Died by the poisonous gas
Bastard son
Now is sitting at Satanas chair
Lives the worst nightmare
The prophecy
Brings death to anywhere

Death ways
Grows like disease
People die
There's no chance to live

Exterminate, mutilate
The life's end
Murder, torture till death
Human being becomes divide
Like a dirty and fuckin race

There's no choice
No Safe place

An abusive act shows the dark reality
Changing what's gonna happen
And now be buried for eternity

Ways of death

Blood Bath

Written By: JP

Blood Bath

Nightmares and visions explode in my head
Bringin' disillusion and confusion
Creatures from hell raise from the ground
Startin'to march side by side
They're lookin' for souls, they have no control
Spreadin' hate and destruction
They don't look back, don't stop the attack
It's time to pray for your life
Blood bath
Sliced bodies lie decapitaded
Huts are spread everywhere
Pudlles of blood with piles of bones
The corpses are rottin' on the ground
There's no salvation, just devastation
Maybe it's the end of time
The extermination, annihilation
Ain't to hope for mankind
Get ready for the blood bath
Blood bath

Black Death

Written By: JP

Death comes slowly, ready to show the silent enemy
Dark city streets, bodies knee deep, as far as the eyes can see
Thousands of rats, growing fast, spreading the disease
Severe infection, deadly reaction, and life is all you need
The plague
Growing insane
The plague
Suffering pain
The pestilence
Horror, misery and doom
The pestilence
Welcome to the black death
You can feel the venom inside your veins
Now you're down, now you're down the drain
Fever, difficulty to breath
Bloody sputum, massive blood loss
Rotten bodies everywhere, carts pile high with corpses
The sad reality, a real fatality, a game of cruelty
Devastation, evil's creation, a situation out of control
No way out, but to think about, disease inside your soul

Night Killer

Written By: JP

Late at night I ride my bike
Rindin' around, looking for a fight
Don't need a reason, ain't playing no game
I'm livin' fast cause I'm insane
I take my knife, I take my gun
If you're alone, you'd better start to run
I cut you slowly, I cut you deep
I kick your head til you bleed
Don't try to run
You can't get away
I pull the trigger
There's no scape
Night killer
I'm the night killer...
If you're afraid don't cross my way
Cause if you do it, you'll feel the hate
Gonna hurt you like a wild dog
Kill you dead with a head shot


Written By: JP

Japanese parallel power
Descended from samurais
Created to protect the villages
Armed and ready to die
Strict code of conduct
Hard punishment law
Secret initiation rituals
Full control of the towns
They can find you
Be prepared for Yakuza
Full body tattoos
Dark glasses and suites
Master in martial arts
Trained to kill and corrupt
Control illegal gambling
Drugs and prostitution
Selling of heavy weapons
Political and social corruption
Illegal gambling
Drugs and dirty money
Blind corruption


- Attomica (1987)
- Limits of Insanity (1989)
- Disturbing the Noise (1991)
- The Blast of Videos - DVD (2002)
- Back and Alive (2004)
- Attomica 4 (2012)

Set List

Blood Bath
Black Death
Ways of Death
Limits of Insanity
Night Killer
Flash Maniac
Down the Drain
Marching Over Blood
Mysterious Lady