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"Metal starts gather in an event this Saturday in São Paulo"

This Saturday 10/08/2012, there will be a new edition in São Paulo of the program Stay Heavy Metal Stars. This is an event that is organized by the TV show Stay Heavy, to commemorate 8 years of the program’s creation.
The event will bring together heavy hitters from the national Metal scene in a huge celebration. It will also count with specialized media, promoters, agents, producers, everyone together on behalf of Metal.
This fifth edition will count with the participation of acts such as Angra, Korzus, Ancesttral, Shaman, Stress, Attomica, Threat, Woslom, Carro Bomba, Comando Nuclear, Command6, Red Front, Ace4Trays, Reviolence, and many others in homage of national Metal, with classic jam sessions from the eighties and nineties!
This same evening, the TV show Stay Heavy is celebrating its 8 years of life with pocket shows of the band Bittencourt Project (Rafael Bittencourt - Angra) and a surprise appearance to be revealed only at the time of the show.
- Stay Heavy

"Metal Open Air – First bands confirmed"

Negri Concerts, in partnership with CKConcerts and Lamparina Productions announces the first bands to be confirmed for METAL OPEN AIR: it is Blind Guardian, the biggest power metal band in the world, and Grave Digger, one of the most well-known German heavy metal bands in the scene today. The first three national acts to be confirmed are Drowned (MG), Attomica (SP) and Terra Prima (PE).
This is only the beginning of the announcements! Soon there will be more releases in regards to what bands will be the headliners and other national and international acts that will participate in the METAL OPEN AIR festival.

"“Attomica 4” - Release"

Finally, after over 21 years of wait, Attomica’s highly anticipated new album is being released. Attomica is one of the most important metal bands in Brazil. Formed in 1985, in the city of São José dos Campos, the band had a short career at the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties, but it still marked a generation of bangers, records and concerts, and up until this day it is a reference in the heavy national sound map.
They style was coarser and more direct thrash, as can be heard in their debut album, later on departing to a more detailed sound, especially their classic album “Disturbing the Noise.” Attomica has always exuded confidence and passion for thrash music. In this their fourth studio album, which suggestively it simply titled “Attomica 4,” the band shows that even though it has been an extended absence they have not missed a beat. They have released their most quality material yet, perfectly blending old school thrash metal with hardcore and crossover, in the best eighties style.
All of the characteristic elements of the band’s sound are present: precise and hell-raising guitar riffs, which are the main construct of each cut; marked bass, technical and precise drums, together with the excellent vocals by Alex Rangel (who substitutes Laerte Perr, the band’s original front man), who can move between low and high tones with a high degree of precision, exhaling fury and aggression as the style requires.
Therefore, here we have an album that all eighties thrash metal fans will love, remembering the old days and feeling they are back, only with a much better quality, without any excesses of modernity actually affecting the sound.
The album is worth a thorough hear-through, all tracks are awesome and will certainly leave a few sore necks! Highly recommended are the first three tracks “Blood Bath,” “Black Death,” and “Yakuza.”
It is still early to say that “Attomica 4” is the band’s best album, but we can already tell it is at least at the same level as the band’s previous releases. This is a historical and indispensable album in the collection of any metal fan!Let’s hope this band continues to be active, and that we don’t have to wait another 21 years before the next release. Doubtless this will be one of the best trash metal albums of 2012!

""Attomica” and “Aquiles Priester” at “Stay Heavy""

The next edition of Stay Heavy on July 4th will showcase the band Attomica. The band will be interviewed and will also play a live set.
Angra’s drummer Aquiles Priester will appear during the show’s first hour. He will be interviewed about his DVD “Live In Concert - Inside My Drums.” The program will also showcase videos by Arch Enemy, Circle To Circle, Anthrax, The Haunted, and others.
During the program there will be promotions of:
- Hellion Records Special Kits – Rock month;
- Haunted Records CDs;
The program is broadcasted live every Sunday through allTV, from 1 to 3 pm. There is also a podcast through, or it can be watched on TV through 12 TVA-SP.


- Attomica (1987)
- Limits of Insanity (1989)
- Disturbing the Noise (1991)
- The Blast of Videos - DVD (2002)
- Back and Alive (2004)
- Attomica 4 (2012)



Attomica is a band that already has its name engraved with honors in the history of metal in Brazil. They started playing in 1986, their sound being heavily influenced by eighties thrash metal, which had been gaining ground and strength in Brazil.

The band’s discography is as follows: Attomica (1987), Limits of Insanity (1989), Disturbing the Noise (1991), The Blast Of Vídeo: Video/VHS (2002), Back and Alive (2004 – live), Attomica 4 (2012).

Their classic album “Disturbing the Noise” was responsible for catapulting Attomica to the next level in terms of sound quality and success. The 1991 album took Attomica’s name not only to all corners in Brazil but also abroad and overseas. Alongside other major and contemporary rising Brazilian metal acts such as Sepultura, Oversdose, Korzus, Sarcofago, and Ratos de Porão, Attomica is to this day one of the most important names in Brazilian metal.

In 2012 the band has released their new studio album: Attomica 4. This album brings together the band’s maturity and evolution in the most recent years. The songs are powerful, and continue with the traditional heaviness that has characterized Attomica’s style in all of their releases.

This album also marks the debut of singer Alex Rangel, who brings new influences and an incredibly powerful voice. Certainly Attomica is living the best point in their careers, and Attomica 4 will certainly be heralded and remembered as a classic as well.