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"Lenny's Bar - Live review"

...Following good (but not great) performances by Seven Envy and Slow Motion Crash, Attractive Eighties Women took the stage two hours after their scheduled midnight show. Half the band members had stripped to their underwear. Lead singer Phoebe Cates (AKA Mack Williams) explained, “We thought we were gonna go on at 12, but those other guys ran late, and it’s fuckin’ two, so ... we got drunk. I’m probably gon’ mess up some lyrics.” As other reviewers have mentioned, Attractive Eighties Women are not great musicians; their music isn’t too complex to perform drunk, and their sound is no more nuanced than the sort of rock you’ll hear in bars throughout the Southeast. They are, however, five of Atlanta’s best performers, and their sheer charisma propels the sort of stage antics that would make other bands seem fake or pretentious. What other band could begin each of their performances by announcing, “Those other bands fucking sucked, but we kick ass!”? Saturday night’s performance was yet another example of a near-perfect party band stretching their musical and performance capabilities to the limit, proving that it really is possible to make songs with choruses like “She Made My Heart Walk the Plank” and “Fuck You, That’s My Name” into audience-electrifying masterpieces.

-Review & photo by Ben Grad - Southeast Performer Magazine

"GA Music Magazine - Album review"

What do you get when you have Phoebe Cates on vocals, Kelly McGillis and Christie Brinkley dueling on guitars, Shelley Long on bass and Carrie Fisher playing drums? Why, the Attractive Eighties Women, of course! Self-described as a cross between "Molly Hatchet and an eighth-grade talent show," this Atlanta band with honorific noms de plume doesn't take anything but humor seriously. Coup D'é Ta-Ta's was recorded live locally and features toasts to Pabst Blue Ribbon ("Master Cylinder"), that song about LARPing from Adult Swim ("Lightning Bolt"), invective shouters ("I'm Gonna Throw a Party [When You Die]) and easy target dive-bombing ("They Shoot Hipsters, Don't They?"). While musically there's nothing here beyond a sloppy mix of Southern rock and the Replacements, the lyrics are often gutbustingly funny and acrid with sarcasm. A joke act, for sure, but at least it's a damn funny one.—JOHN DAVIDSON - Georgia Music Magazine

"AJC - Live preview and album review"

ATLANTA'S BIGGEST BOOBS: These guys -- yes, guys -- are a crowd-pleasing, vulgarity-spouting local phenomenon. Atlantans witha twisted sense of humor will appreciate the ditties on this band's debut album, "Coup D'é Ta-Ta's," which gets its coming out party with this gig. Patrons will get a free copy of the disc with their paid admission. And what a CD it is. The sludgy hard rock lands somewhere between AC/DC and the Stooges, but it's the lyrics that hold it all together. For those with Mei Lan overload, there's the panda-cidal "Pandamonium." Then there's "Murder Kroger," which frontman Phoebe Cates -- they've all taken the names of attractive 80's women, naturally -- dedicates to "anyone that shops at the Kroger on Ponce." The pinnacle of the live recording, though, is what the band describes as "the best song we ever wrote." It's called "Mama, Get a Mammogram." and even if you're offended by the unprintable four-letter word in the chorus, you'll probably agree with the sentiment. - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Prick Magazine - Album review"

Who knew Phoebe Cates, Shelley Long, and a bunch of other hot eighties bitches were still kickin� it on the mock-rock scene? The debut album from Attractive Eighties Women, Coup D`e Ta-Ta�s, is a dynamic recipe made with one part gnarly rock, one part social cynicism, and shaken with a mad dash of the lol�s. Think of that band you were in during high school all grown up and actually making music that people want to hear. Non-Atlantan�s may miss references to local hipster hotspots, like MJQ, Decatur Social Club, and the Murder Kroger on Ponce. But as self-described �post-Gwar Kiss revivalists� with songs like �Mama, Get a Mammogram� and �Pandamonium?� Anyone that hates pandas or is willing to laugh can appreciate the biting tunes of these babes.

- Lyndsey Sargent - Prick magazine

"The EARL - Live review"

The Attractive Eighties Women CD release party, a show already primed for the ridiculous, ended even more dramatically than expected. The raunchy, loud, extravagantly costumed, and adamantly politically-incorrect rock group had completed its fourth song (“Pandamonium,” which couldn’t be more appropriate), when an audience member threw a glass at the stage, cutting AEW singer Mack Williams (AKA Phoebe Cates) and effectively ending the evening. The airborne glass hit Williams’ microphone stand and shattered, sending a shard into his left wrist. Confusion ensued. Much of the audience, without a clear sight-line and prepared for the absurdity usually to be found at an AEW performance, didn’t immediately realize the seriousness of the situation and milled around helplessly as Williams bled on his shoes.

After a hospital visit and seven stitches, Williams is mending fine. The band has even taken this opportunity to release the numbers completed before the incident as an EP entitled In Stitches, complete with album art of the broken glass on top of the setlist of the night. The EP now accompanies the release that was being celebrated, the band’s first full-length album, Coup D’é Ta-Ta’s, which also includes the standout tracks played at the show, “Lightning Bolt” and “They Shoot Hipsters, Don’t They?” (featuring a laundry list of “hipster” places to visit in Atlanta that made the local audience yell with self-conscious laughter).

All the, well, pandemonium served to overshadow what had already been an entertaining spectacle. Bases Loaded, the two-man, two-bass, two-Oakland Athletics-uniform, two-fake-handlebar-mustache act billed as “Atlanta’s Only Rollie Fingers Tribute Band” started out the night. Songs made mediocre or predictable when covered by anyone else were relentlessly funny on two basses, complete with song false-starts and a finale performance of none other than Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” (during which the duo turned on the flashing logos in their baseball caps).

After Bases Loaded, the more traditional, bright pop-rock of Atlanta’s Pistolero seemed downright morose. Which isn’t to say the band played un-energetically or didn’t do themselves justice; the prowess each member of Pistolero possesses on his respective instrument came across full-force. What’s more, the most impressive aspect of the set was the sheer commitment they displayed. Keyboardist John Fernando Ochoa throttled his tambourine as if it owed him money while frontman Pallon Patrick swung his mic and careened around the stage, a performer in his true element. Despite their solid show, Pistolero’s set came across like the eye of a hurricane in between such whimsy and chaos.

-Review & photo by Julia Reidy

- Southeast Performer Magazine

"Southeast Performer - Album review"

Attractive Eighties Women - Coup D’é Ta-Ta’s
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Joel Mullis at Fatback Sound Studio in Atlanta, GA

The girls (okay, the guys) of Attractive Eighties Women pride themselves on their live show. The band was born in the bars of Atlanta, out of manic rock ‘n’ roll and lots of alcohol. In the band’s early days, when various members were still getting over the shock of being so popular, the idea of releasing an album was considered absurd. There was no way that stage presence was going to get translated onto disc.

But Attractive Eighties Women are just full of surprises. Last year the band gathered in the converted basement space of Joel Mullis to break in the new Fatback Sound Studio with a live performance to the group’s wildest fans. The performance was recorded, complete with the drunken screams of the crowd and cheeky banter of singer Phoebe Cates (AKA Mack Williams), and released at the beginning of this year.

There is no energy lost in the recording, with live favorites like “Titty City” and “Yeah Yeah Jager” sounding crisp yet utterly raw and real with clean guitar solos and growled vocals. Mullis’ background recording hip-hop acts like Ludacris ensured a slick production, but the grit the band is known for it still there.

The record should act as a supplement to the live show, just as Cliff Notes are no replacement for Othello. The band members onstage antics, from thrashing around stage to enticing the audience with instantly recognizable sing-a-long choruses (“Fuck breast cancer” for example) to interactive hipster-bashing (“They Shoot Hipsters, Don’t They?”), makes them a stand-out band in the Atlanta music scene, whether you choose to love or hate them. (Tasty Pies)

-Leila Regan-Porter

- Southeast Performer Magazine


Attractive Eighties Women have release one single, "Lightning Bolt" which received widespread college radio airplay after being featured in Adult Swim's top rated show, "Frisky Dingo" and as a free download on The girls have also released one LP, "Live - Coup D'é Ta-Ta's," featuring all of their greatest hits as they were meant to be heard: live, in front of a rowdy drunken audience. AEW are now back in the studio working on their follow up LP.



AEW are a group of well known celebrity hotties from the 80's. The band formed on a crisp autumn day in 2005 when the girls got together for an impromptu jam session in Atlanta, GA. Things went so well, the quintet decided to form a band. Their goal? To entertain the masses with their unique brand of comedy-core music while raising breast cancer awareness.

With their wild costumes and on-stage antics, AEW have often been described as "Post-GWAR Kiss revivalists". One eyewitness at an early show claimed the band was "like a tornado of two-hundred Led Zeppelins, out-of-control and bearing down on a South Georgia trailer park... picking up all the hot women and spinning them away to some distant rock n' roll Valahalla."

Attractive Eighties Women have played at many venues throughout Georgia. Mulligan's (a now-defunct Oakhurst establishment) was the first to feel the force of the 80's Ladies. Their performance of the now-classic "Mama, Get a Mammogram" melted both speakers and ear drums with astonishing efficiency. More recently, the ladies have found themselves headlining major Atlanta clubs, including Lenny's, The Drunken Unicorn, Star Bar and The EARL.

AEW were also featured on the Adult Swim ratings-smash Frisky Dingo. Their ode to LARPing, "Lightning Bolt", was prominently featured in the show and on, winning them critical acclaim, college radio airplay and many new fans both in the U.S. and overseas.

Since the band's inception, several members have come and gone, but the core of Attractive Eighties Women is stronger than ever.

Phoebe Cates - (Charismatic Front Woman) Blessed with a stage presence rivaling Mick Jagger, Darby Crash and Bon Scott combined, Phoebe is the lyricist and lead vocalist of AEW. Her scorching delivery and hilarious lyrics are unmatched.

Kelly McGillis - (Lead Axe Goddess) What would it be like if Chuck Berry, Kerry King, Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young had a four-armed guitar-playing freak-baby? Once you've seen Kelly shred at an AEW show you will know. You will know.

Christie Brinkley - (Lieutenant Guitar Sorceress Supreme) After Mia Sara left the band in 2006, Christie jumped at the chance to take over guitar duties. During AEW shows, Christie always keeps several guitars ready to go, since she has been known to regularly melt fret boards with the intensity of her rock chops.

Shelley Long - (Queen of the Four-string) After starring in "Troop Beverly Hills" alongside indie-darling Jenny Lewis, Shelley decided she'd give music a shot as well. After taking bass lessons from the ghost of Cliff Burton, Shelley became a founding member of AEW and regularly brings the thunder.

Carrie Fisher - (Skin-beating Stick Swinger Extraordinaire) Princess Leia is the newest member of AEW and she drums like a Wookiee on acid. She will be wearing her slave bikini to all future shows.