A Tuff Rose

A Tuff Rose

 East Meadow, New York, USA

Alt-Folk duo from New York with loads of heart and soul, highlighting the simplicity and beauty of folk songwriting and putting every aspect of themselves into the music.


When skilled cello player Katie Sciacca contacted self taught multi-instrumentalist Joe James to help her produce a few tracks she had been working on they clicked immediately and the Alt-Folk duo now know as "A Tuff Rose" was born. Deciding to follow in the footsteps of the great song writers before them (Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, etc) they stuck to the simplistic style of writing songs, a few chords, a story, and lots of heart. Exploring themselves as musicians and artists they discovered new instruments while practicing harmonies and layering to spice up the mix. Traveling, playing, writing, photography, art, everything is a piece of inspiration. Taking a little from everyone (Elliott Smith, Wilco, The Avett Brothers, local bands) and everything (nature, movies, relationships) borrowing, shaping, reusing, all to create an honest representation of their souls in the form of song.


Past Present Future EP - released Oct. '09
The Garden LP - released Dec. '10