A Two Stroke Dropout

A Two Stroke Dropout


We are Two Stroke Dropout and we're taking over! We enjoy playing live and having fun while doing it. Our music ranges from fast heavy riffs to slow melodic ones, complemented by amazing drum work, with outstanding vocals to top them all off.


Two Stroke Dropout is a four piece band hailing from Brewster, NY. With every member under the age of 20 it can be said that these guys are early bloomers. Brendan and Kevin (19) are twin brothers taking the duties of Guitar and Bass respectively. Alex who met Brendan in high school (17) taking the Guitar and vocals, and Dave the drummer (16) was introduced through a mutual friend. Within a year, they have just finished an 8 song E.P. And are going to be playing shows as much as possible. So come out and enjoy a great show.


Mad Hatter
Signs of Tragedy
Fall Again
Lion Heart
Cast Away
Don't Forget


Set List

Signs of Tragedy, Cast Away, Fall Again, Bitch, Luck, Don't Forget Where you Came From, War, Lion Heart, Warning (Incubus) Fly From The Inside (Shine Down)