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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo R&B Electronic




"August 8 - Music Videos"

August 8 - Music Videos - VH1

"August 8 "High On You""

August 8 quietly released this gem of a music vid for his seductive slow jam, “High On You” a little less than a week ago. We highly recommend you check it out and get to know this soon-to-be-discovered talent. - HIP Video

"August 8 "Mystery""

The new video from August 8 is a stunner, “Mystery” (shot on a RED Scarlet-X) will stay with you. The Californian multi-talent has been busy with music and videos and other means of self-expression that you can bet your ass will yield something beautiful… - Aerial Noise

"Mystery Video"

August 8 › Music Videos - MTV

"Future King of Swag"

The undeniable essence of the R&B and soul music genres is not black and white. There are a number of elements and techniques that must be mastered in order to achieve this swaggering ability. Some artists have to work at it, while the best are just born with it. Like rising artist August 8, for instance. He is a man of many endeavors, focusing on his in-home recording sessions and songwriting. But there is a difference that exists within his style and performing skills that separates him from contemporary R&B captivators such as Justin Timberlake. He is an artist with a hidden agenda and an irresistible balance of soul and R&B elements that exist throughout his music.

“Mystery” is a song about two lovers that are keeping one secret. The video takes on a detective fiction feel, where the plot is packed with intense and dramatic action. From the beginning, we are introduced to the seductive side of August 8’s demeanor where we even seen him crossing paths with his lover’s lover. The video seems complicated, and it somewhat is; August 8 has created a song with a theme that states that love is complicated. It is a display of what we sometimes do for love—whether it’s crazy and extreme or just downright idiotic. And the sultry, yet soothing sounds of August 8 do an incredible job of keeping you enthralled. “Mystery” explains that with true love comes bloodshed, and although August 8 exposes himself to the peculiar actions of love, he still would rather not play games and keep his secrets a secret. - HIP video

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Television Programming

RNR TV - Baltimore, MD
Video Hive - San Francisco, CA
California Music Channel - Oakland, CA
Power Play Music TV - Newark, NJ
Screen Play - Seattle, WA
Eye Music Network - Atlanta, GA
Sidewalks - Richmond, CA
The Sound Chamber - Denver, CO
Evision/Billboard DJ - Studio City, CA
The Indie Music Video Show - Joliet, IL
VME Media - Las Vegas, NV
H2o Television - New York, NY -


Still working on that hot first release.



AU8UST became inspired by music and performance arts at the mere age of eight, hence the name. With an education in a supportive atmosphere, August learned several talents in the likes of the singing, songwriting, directing, producing, guitar, drums, piano, and ideas revolving around creative directing and visual design. August takes pride in his perseverance to make a goals for himself towards his creative passions. His approach to music is that of a dreamer and a believer. He has been an outspoken opponent of self-limitation, and has never believed in stifling other creative urges. Distractions to some, August claims his music would be void of it’s signature depth should he be unable to enjoy his alternative artistic pursuits.The primarily self-taught AU8UST explains a conspicuous fascination with different genres and artistic mediums by recalling his travels as a citizen of the world; embedding himself amongst our planet’s most exotic societies, soaking up different cultures. You might call the 24-year-old Californian an ultra-auteur, who capably produces, mixes and records his own music in a private, self-built studio in Brooklyn NY.

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