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Dear Jesus

Written By: David Judge

Dear Jesus

Verse 1
G D C(add9)
Dear Jesus, I see your face in everyone I see.
G D C(add9)
Dear Jesus, I know your loving grace has rescued me.
G D C(add9)
Dear Jesus, I know you took my place up on that tree.
G D C(add9)
Dear Jesus, You died and rose again for me.

Bridge 1
Em A
But every time I fall into sin,
You bring me right back home again.

Verse 2
Dear Jesus, We know you give us every single thing
Dear Jesus, You carry us on angel’s wings.
Dear Jesus, We humbly pray to our Lord and King.
Dear Jesus, We raise our voices up to sing.

Bridge 2
D/F# G D/F# G C(add9)
I think I’ll get down on my knees and pray.
D/F# G D/F# G C(add9)
To give me all the strength I’ll need today.

Verse 3
Dear Jesus, I gotta to put it in your hands and let it go.
Dear Jesus, I gotta trust in you when I’m feeling low.
Dear Jesus, I have to humble myself enough to know,
Dear Jesus, where you want my life to go.

Repeat Bridges 1 and 2

Dear Jesus, I give you everything.

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cd released Dec, 2007: "Redeemed" with 10 original songs: "Forgiveness", "Redeemed", "I was Told","To Know Jesus", "Dear Jesus", "Psalm 22", "Did You Know", "Poverty", "Unconditional Love", "I'll Praise You",