An original fusion of Alternative/Rock/Pop and even a slight hint of metal guitars. Lyrics & melodies that are powerful, inspiring, uplifting and moving to say the least. Complex chord progressions on guitar that provide a truly original sound. Ranging from soft finger picking to heavy leads.


Auburn, an alternative/rock band, straight out of Atlanta, led by it's creator, young and talented lead singer/lyricist/guitarist/pianist, Kristopher Thiab, who refers to as "Rocks Next Big Name".

Auburn, formed in 2004 by the talented lead singer Kristopher Thiab, first performing under the band name Krave. Later, due a major change in the band's sound and a new band member line up, Kristopher felt it was time for a new name to match the new sound, a fresh start. Auburn was born and quickly began establishing their name as a big player in the alternative/rock scene!

First to be recruited, the multi-talented Chris Maiello accepted the position as lead guitarist and backup vocalist. He brings with him the skill, voice and professionalism of a guitarist that when heard, is not likely to soon be forgotten. Joining up soon after, Shannon Thompson took on the roll as Auburn's drummer. Shannon's powerful, chest pounding drumming style adds a hard rock edge that really sets the mood for the band's sound. To complete Auburn's lineup, hailing from South Korea, on bass, Woo Shim. His mixed style of jazz, funk and traditional Korean music adds an original layer to the overall sound that is sure to impress.

Seperately, all four of these young artist shine equally as bright... Together, as Auburn, they are ready to etch their names into music history!

Auburn is scheduled to release their debut, semi-professional album, Awoken, early 2010. Also, to be released along with their album, their debut single 'Reminisce' music video, shot on location in Tokyo & Yokohama, Japan(Shibuya & Shinjuku).

"First the lyrics and then the awesome guitar performances", Producer Johnny Porrazzo comments "stopped me in my tracks. After only a few minutes (at the studio), I knew this young new artist standing in front of me would soon be heard around the world! And I had the chance to be one of the first to hear it... live. A true 5 star future for Kristopher!"

Over the past few years, Auburn has toured overseas but performed mainly on the East Coast. But yet while on the charts of A&R Select of California, out of 1078 positions, three of Auburn's songs shot up and held the #1, #2 & #3 spots for 10 weeks consecutively. The sound and talent of this band have captured the ears and eyes of various indie labels, music executives located here in the US, and lately gained serious attention as far as even Japan. Auburn is ready to deliver!

Rag Magazine's  Review: "The album's track, "Escape", should be on rock and pop radio right now. After the first two listens to this track, you will find yourself singing it for hours and hours..."  - Logan Lenz

Recently, Auburn held the #1 requested song on Indie/Awesome Radio all throughout December 2008, and January 2009 with their debut single, Reminisce. Only to be replaced with their second single, Lost, on Indie/Awesome Radio. Auburn' music is not only being played on some local stations but also played regularly on forty-two international radio stations.



Written By: Kristopher Thiab

The union broke by the tragedy
of all our selfish lies
The loves been lost the trust is gone
the youth has lost all sight

And I question why
We live this life

I see I see the deception that is surrounding me
And I know tomorrow is soon to make it's way
I know I know that time can only heal our wounds
And so you know that this life can't bring you down
So let go



I want to know why we live this life
I want to know why we hold, all this hate inside
I want to know why we live this life
I want to know why we hold all this hate inside


So let go
Let go
Let go
Let go
So let go
Let go
Let go
Let go


Written By: Kristopher Thiab

I can see this life is bigger than me
It's so hard to be but still I believe
Now I know nothing is fate to be
It's all inside of me
I have to work to build a dream

I know
It's all inside of me
Don't leave me here all alone
I know
I can find the way
Only one more day
And I'll be gone

This life is cruel and it will hold you down
Don't feel so low
To let your soul be bound
Don't depend on them to lead the way
It's not going to be
It's up to you


Beaten feeling low
When all I know is wrong
Don't make me continue on
Just take me away from all
Empty hollow inside
Take me to another life
Don't make me carry on
Just take me on

I know
It's all inside of me
Just believe
And I'll lead the way


I know
Only one more day and I'll be gone
I know
Only one more day and I'll be gone

Your Judgement

Written By: Kristopher Thiab

They say we're lost to this world
They said nothing could bring us back
If we're lost then who is the righteous
Are you the one I should bow to?

Give me something more
Something I can see
And I will follow
I need something more
Something that's real to me
And I'll believe in this

You look at me with a hateful tone
Do you even know my soul
One look and you will see
Everything you've been missing all along


I'll believe in this

Beaten buried blind you've led us astray
we've lost ourselves now we'll never find our way
(Beaten buried blind)
Filled our thoughts with lies
taking our dreams to leave only emptiness inside
Our hope been pulled away our will faded
(We can't deny this feeling inside)
So I ask you now who is this empty vessel you leave to live?
Soulless mindless spiritless restless
(Beaten buried blind)
Bound by path you led to lead
this is the result of your love your life your lies
(We can't deny this feeling inside)

Believe in me and I'll lead the way
Believe in me and I'll lead I'll lead the way

(Chorus 2x)

I'll believe in this
I'll believe in you


Reminisce(1st single)
Lost(2nd single)

Set List

All Original 14 Song Set(75 minutes) Auburn has a catalog of 73+ songs, which a majority of will be used in future works.
1. Let Us Begin
2. Lift Me Up
3. Your Judgement
4. Awoken
5. From All Ends New Begins(Acoustic guitars & piano)
6. Farewell
7. Indifference
8. No Time
9. Escape
10. Believe
11. Reminisce
12. The End
13. Lost
14. Unfamiliar