Swansea, Massachusetts, USA

Auburn just finished recording 12 new songs for "Parallels" coming out April 26th!

This is the album we have wanted to give our fans for the last 2 year and we love the results!

Want the full AUBURN experience? Come see us live or check out the video for "Like Trying to Kiss a Freight Train".


"They say you only live once, So I'll push the limit 'til it's over the edge" screams the frontman of Auburn, Brian Colantonio in the song "Freeman's Legacy".

The band lives up to his words with 12 heavy, melodic and in your face tracks off their debut full length "Parallels". Produced and mixed by Chris Curran (Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am,
Vanna) and mastered by Alan Douches (Everytime I Die, Underoath, Norma Jean).

Brian explains why the name "Parallels" was chosen:
"When we began brainstorming ideas for this record we wanted a way to explain the changes we've gone through in every aspect of our lives. When I look back at the person I was just 2 years ago I looked at life much differently then. In a way I want this record to represent the person I am now compared to the person I was, along with the sound we had back then and the sound we have now. Most of the lyrics are written in the same aspect.
To show the identity of, similarity of and compare...Parallels"

Forming in 2006, Auburn has come a long way, establishing themselves as a respected name in the legendary Boston hardcore scene. They have earned and secured a solid spot alongside their peers such as Four Year Strong, Therefore I Am, Vanna, A Loss for Words and Lions Lions to name a few.

Since releasing their "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" E.P. in 2009, a lot has changed with Auburn and it has only made them a stronger and better band. In addition to touring coast to coast multiple times and endless shows and mini tours all over the U.S., the band has taken the last two years to mature and hone their sound. This time around all the pieces fit in the right spots; The sound is heavier, the lyrics are deeper, there is even more intensity and energy. This is Auburn version 2.0 and the beta testing and glitches are long gone.

Parallels features guest vocals by members of Vanna, Longshot and Lions Lions. Physical copies will be available and distributed in Japan through Garimpeiro Records and in the U.S. at all Hot Topic stores and digitally at all major outlets in April 2011.



Written By: Auburn

Why's this world so contagious?

I've failed to put myself in quarantine.

Why's this world so contagious?

I'm sick of waiting for the clouds to part in front of me.

O' Dear God: I'm sinking again,

and my foundations been ripped away.

I watch the tide as it swallows me whole.

I'm not even half the man that I used to be.

Is it me or am I falling apart?

I promised I wouldn't let you go.

Wouldn't let you go.

I'll make my way through,

make my way through to you.

I'll make my way through.

Why's this world so contagious?

I've failed to put myself into

Why's this world so contagious?

I'm sick of waiting for the clouds to part in front of me.

Why's this world so contagious?

Why's this world so contagious?

Is this the end?

Deliver me.

Can I be saved?

Will I be redeemed?

I've never been so deaf to your voice as I am now.

Has this life been lost?

Is this life lost?

Follow The Freeman

Written By: Auburn

They say "you only live once."

So I'll push the limit till' its over the edge,

But its pushing me over the edge.

And I live with the urgency every day.

That some wont experience till' they reach their grave.

Day to day,

I'm just a passer by;

where the next breath I take is a thrill; its not a gift.


Beg for more.

In the end I'll have no regrets.

I know i'm falling.

I'm sure I'll wake up before I hit the ground.

We'll watch this all fall down.

This fire feels like home.

My skin is the hardest you've ever seen before.

My eyes wont budge and my senses just beg for more.

This fire feels like home.

My senses beg for more.

Waking Snakes

Written By: Auburn

In the dark its so easy to be mislead.

I gotta' keep this fire inside raging-
for everyone to see so follow...
follow me.

I saw so much in you-

but then you went and killed it with chemicals-

and blocked your ears with ignorance.

Your tongues so sharp now-

but your only hurting yourself-

andit just makes it harder to keep your mouth shut.

Momma' said son "don't get caught up-

caught up in this sin and let it keep you cold."

I said "Momma' well I got the devil beneath my feet

with The Good Man by my side."

So keep your feet planted in the ground-

and your hands in the air.

--I pray you see where this is leading you.--

Party Song

Written By: Auburn


the night is young, get dressed in your best attire-

and put your face on.

are those your lips on my collar?

Or is it the blood from your nose?

It doesn't matter how fast your trigger finger is...

when your shooting yourself up and digging your own grave.

Tonight your dancing with the devil.

You can't overcome these feelings

you hold inside.

Your stories turn to sin as we hear your lies.

I promised myself this wouldn't happen again.

Listen, He's been in more painthan you know.

It was all for you.--

Your actions... they speak louder than words.

You've made your sins and made your mark.

He followed your tracks home.

We're not so strong but we can

take it if You can.


Parallels (April 26th, 2011)

2 Song Ep (2010)

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Ep (2009)

Set List

Follow the Freeman
Like Trying to Kiss a Freight Train
Waking Snakes
Barn Burner
Wise Guys
Party Song