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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Audible Campaign"

"... it has the seedlings of something great inside" - the onion 2002 on the present day wars ep

- The Onion 2002

"Present Day Wars EP"

This is fast-paced, melodic, guitar-driven indie rock with bright, cymbal-heavy drumming and crisp production.  Danny Nicoletto's vocals are presented as an instrument, almost acting as another guitar part, rhythmic in nature, and  strong, though given the same weight in the mix as the other instruments.  It makes for an integrated and textural sound in which the listener gets to choose which parts are more important at any given time.   - Jen Grover,




Present Day Wars EP • Self- Released • 2002

Strength in Numbers Compilation • Velvet Blue Music • 2002

Picture Yourself Here SPLIT EP • Future Destination Records • 2003

Pain is Honest Compilation • Future Destination Records • 2004

Living Your Life on Hold LP • Self-Released • 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Audible Campaign: BIO

Northern Indiana isn't usually the first place you think of when searching for the latest indie rock. But Valparaiso's The Audible Campaign are out to change that. And if the band's latest release is any indication, they're definitely growing more than corn in the
Hoosier state these days.

LIVING YOUR LIFE ON HOLD is the debut full-length release from this rock trio consisting of brothers Ryan Nicoletto on drums and Dan Nicoletto on guitars/vocals with Matt McIntire rounding out the group on bass. Produced by Russ Fox (bleach, boyracer) and recorded
in West Virginia, the album is a stellar collection of driving drums and searing guitars that sound as good on your iPod as they do the beat up stereo of an '89 Honda Civic. In fact that's where "LYLOH" really succeeds, attacking the line between ultra-tight production and sounds that literally spill out of the speakers broken and bruised.

It's this combination that has the band winning new fans from coast-to-coast, with journalists and club dwellers praising TAC's innovative live sets. Playing from Seattle to Miami and everywhere in between, TAC put over 20,000 miles on their van in 2004 alone.
Fueled by their desire to take their music to the people (and cases of Amp Energy Drink - one of the band's sponsors) TAC has it's sight set on playing louder and longer than any band out there.

Florida hates The Audible Campaign. While sun-starved vacationers flock to the state for warm temps and sandy beaches, The Audible Campaign are simply hoping to get out alive. Each of the band's three tours of the state have ended in trauma and one near death.
In 2000 the band rolled its tour van on a rain-streaked section of I-4 going 70 MPH. All three were thrown from the vehicle but miraculously none were seriously injured - although a week in a Florida hospital was where Ryan spent the rest of that tour. On trip #2 the band totaled another vehicle, having to finish out the
tour squeezing into the trailer of their opening act. And in early 2004 the band's tour was literally blown away by two major hurricanes within two weeks. So if you have plans to see TAC in Florida... be prepared.