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Audible Mainframe

Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE

Long Beach, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Audible Mainframe Press Reviews"

Audible Mainframe

"Audible draws not only off Hip Hop, but myriad influences from genres that inspired break beats. Their repertoire features brainy lyrics and riffs that open dance floors - elements that rock-heavy hybrids often abandon…The product of their trumpets, keyboards, turntables, saxophones, bass guitars, six-strings, drums and lyricist makes them one of the best live Hip Hop acts in Boston, a city where rappers are a dime a dozen and musicians are a nickel a gross."

-Chris Fara
Y.R.B. Magazine

"AMF’s sound boasts the foundations of Rage Against the Machine, the Roots and boom-bap pioneers De La Soul. And it gets funkier. Its six members also drape their sound with thick ’70s gold chains and a dash of John Shaft swagger."

-Nate Jackson
OC Weekly

"The live instrumentation with guitars, drums, trumpets and saxophones gives the music an earthy backbone…the end result is a unique sound that builds upon the foundation laid by Roots-like bands. This is hip-hop that flows from a cerebral center: socially aware and not afraid to stare controversy in the face."

-Shaun Flagg
Skope Magazine

"This is one of Boston's best live local groups, guaranteeing a high-energy, original performance no matter what the venue…The group maintains an almost recordable quality at their shows. For anyone who likes The Roots, mixed with a little more funk and swing, this group is who you should be on the lookout for...You get your money's worth and more; they clearly belong on the big stage, and it's only a matter of time until you're getting charged forty dollars to see them from rows of seats away."

-Jessamyn Cuneo

"Just when I found myself coming to terms with my lameness, I was introduced to Audible Mainframe at the Paradise. When the band took the stage, the club seemed to morph into a scene from a more modern version of Animal House."

-Leah Rainis
Insite Magazine

"Audible Mainframe is a perfect example of a band to watch out for in the future."

-Dan Eldridge
Pittsburgh City Paper

"Audible Mainframe has a way of making you appreciate the hip hop genre on a new level. First off, is their poetry that triggers chills as they cut to the raw core of social issues abroad and at home, from the plight of forgotten Iraqi children to political corruption, homelessness and close-minded cultural paradigms on our own soil. Esoteric poetry deserves only the highest quality in live hip hop cuts and this, they deliver without a hitch. Food for the mind, food for the compassionate humanity in us all, food for discriminating ears. Yum."

-Tamara Turner

"There's a lot riding on Audible Mainframe. Between their buoyant radicalism and knack for serenading melting pots, they're one of the city's commercial hopefuls. Audible has a ringer DJ, musicians who pen proper, accessible compositions, a nasty horn section and an ultra-magnetic MC. And best of all, they sound nothing like Jay-Z slumming with Linkin Park…There are essentially three types of organic outfits with boom-bap frontmen: the good, the bad and the Korny. Audible is at the top of the first heat, with an ability to touch masses while barking at the Black Thought/Kweli demographic."

-Chris Faraone
Boston Weekly Dig

"…sizzling Boston-based act, Audible Mainframe, a hip-hop-based funk troupe that brings hip-hop and rap as convincingly uncompromised to the live setting as any group of the nature since the Roots."

-Chad Berndtson
Glide Magazine

"Despite a good set from Jeru [the Damaja], the star of the show was Audible Mainframe. Their energetic live show and eclectic combination of rap, funk, and rock gives Audible Mainframe a contagious energy spilling into the crowd. The band's politically progressive lyrics, musical virtuosity, and kinetic stage presence puts Audible Mainframe in good company with bands like The Roots and Ozomatli."

-Canyon Cody
The Heights (Independent Boston College Newspaper)

"Audible Mainframe destroyed Kenny’s Castaway in NYC Friday night. The septet consists of Exposition on vocals, Bobby MoBetta on sax, Lethal D on guitar, Johnny 5 on drums, Highlife on Keys & Trumpet and JayceeOh on the tables, Cool Hand on alto/tenor sax and NBFB member Dan on the bass. These boys put on a hell of a show be sure to check em out when they come to your area.

I tip my hat to these cats for sweeping The M.I.C. Hip Hop awards including Live Group of the Year, Best Turntablist, and Best Underground Artist."

-B. Bixby
4TWK Magazine
(For Those Who Know - music & culture magazine)

- Various Sources


Ready To Fly (Single) - July 2011
Transients - August 2009
Take A Penny/Leave A Penny (Expo Solo with Audible appearances) - 2006
War To Be One EP - 2005
Framework (debut LP) - 2004
The Metro (Expo solo with Audible appearances) - 2003

*Airplay on 88.9fm WERS and 107.3fm WAAF in Boston, 98.7fm, and 106.7 KROQ in LA, plus numerous local and national college stations.

*All albums and singles are available for download on iTunes, Rhapsody, PureVolume, and a host of others.
Email for more details.

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Welcome to the AUDIBLE MAINFRAME, where man meets machine and where analog vs. digital is a way of life. 

Audible Mainframe was conceived in Boston, MA in May, 2003 and relocated to Long Beach, CA in late 2006. Audible Mainframe (AMF), known for their high-energy shows, is a six-piece band that appeals to crowds of all musical tastes with their unique brand of “Future Throwback Hip Hop". Their combination of experimental meets true school hip-hop, gives AMF a fresh, eclectic sound that sets them apart from the rest. AMF has performed with well-known artists like Blackalicious, Damian Marley, Common, LMFAO, Wale, K-OS and served as the backing band for hip-hop legend Slick Rick. The band was also chosen to record a live band re-creation of the classic hip-hop album 'Dah Shinin' with Smiff N' Wessun.

Audible Mainframe includes six musicians comprised of a vocalist/emcee, guitar, bass, drummer, keyboards/trumpet, and a DJ who combine their musical talent with the realities of everyday life in pure, hip hop form.  Vocalist and Emcee, Exposition (a.k.a. Expo), takes the crowd on a journey of poverty, anger, happiness, and revolution through his masterful diction and rhyme.

The group's work schedule includes playing shows up and down the California coast, as well as Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada, all the while living up to the reputation they developed in Boston as one of the best live bands around. In between their own studio albums and live shows, AMF has lent its collective talents to a number of charity events such as a benefit for Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina victims; a Darfur benefit at The Knitting Factory; a Burma benefit at UCLA; Holiday benefit for families of Political Prisoners; Veteran's Day benefit for the Salvation Army; and Downtown LA's At The Park After Dark event, serving at-risk youth. AMF truly live their message.

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