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Thought provoking content with the intent to reach a broad audience of listeners who can appreciate what good music is and is meant to be no matter the topic, beat, or structure.....good music is good music....


Growing up in Central Saint John, NB, Nostic has always been a fan of music. Whether it is pop, rock or hip hop, good music is good music. It wasn't until his mother's passing that Nostic, at the age of 13, started writing his own lyrics as an emotional outlet. Now 24 years old, with a wealth of knowledge and life experience behind him, he has started to really solidify who he is as a person and what his purpose is on this earth. Hard at work in and out of the studio, from live performances along side well known entertainers to speaking to people about the importance of living their life to its fullest potential, backed by his newest release titled "The Audible", Nostic is giving people some insight into who he really is, his ups, his downs and everything in between!


The Audible (mixtape) - 2011