Life. Energy. Music. Audiblethread creates sonic landscapes in the genre of rock. Our message is a positive one.


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National Acts Performed With:
Mercy Fall
30 Seconds To Mars
Fu Manchu
From Satellite
Evans Blue
Magna Fi
Drowning Pool
10 Years
Powerman 5000

2006 Oct. Issue of Metal Edge Magazine, CMF Show Review
2006 Winners of Cleveland’s Jillians - Battle of Bands Contest
2006 Opening Act for Capital Recording Artists, HURT, Cleveland, OH
2006 Nominee for Best Hard Rock/Metal Act - Cleveland Scene Mag Music Awards
2006 Ingenuity Festival, Cleveland, OH - Showcase Artist
2006 CMJ, Cleveland OH - Showcase Headliners
2006 CMF, Cleveland, OH - Showcase Headliners
2005 Hurricane Katrina Benefit, Hard Rock Cafe, Cleveland, OH
2005 CMJ, Cleveland, OH - Opened for Powerman 5000
2005 CMF, Cleveland, OH - Opened for Drowning Pool
2005 Dallas Music Fest, Dallas, TX - Showcase Artist
2004 Rockstar Energy Drink Music Festival, Cleveland, OH
2004 CMF, Cleveland, OH - Showcase Artist
2004 Meca Music Conference Showcase Winners Scene Magazines Best Band In Cleveland Contest Chicago, IL
2004 Labor Day Incident Festival, Akron, OH
2004 McLeon Arthritis Benefit, Toledo, OH
2003 CMF, Cleveland, OH - Showcase Artist

Music can be much more than the sounds you hear: there is a connection with the meanings, feelings, the band, and the others around you. Few bands offer this experience. Guitarist Robert Uhoda describes Audiblethread as “our way to connect to you through’s what keeps us together.”

After three quick years since the band started performing live, they have gained a strong regional fan base, released the EP, “Blue: the fifth imprint,” the acoustic EP, “Suture,” and showcased in music festivals in Chicago, Texas and Ohio.

In May of 2004 they were voted “Best Band in Cleveland,” by their fans. A contest held by Scene Magazine and Chicago’s MECA Music Conference secured them a spot in the showcase. 2005 showed a change in direction with the release “Polar Shifts: A Prelude to the Positive/Negative,” The E.P. included reworked versions of “Nexus” and “Coeval,” along with new songs “This Synapse Is Broken,” “The Focus,” and their own rendition of NIN’s “Something I Can Never Have.”

Our next release is scheduled for Fall 2006, titled, “Polar Shifts: Vibrations.” Currently we are in the studio at Conquistador Studios (North Olmstead, OH), where Cole Martinez (guitarist/composer and engineer for Years Of Fire, Thorp Records) is recording and capturing the new material. This new release will be showcasing our constant evolution--we are growing as musicians and songwriters.

Along with this release we are working on a DVD that will highlight the latest release, live performances, promotional videos and photos.



Written By: Audiblethread - Eric C. Hess

Lived my life through your lie
Couldn't find my own way
Cause when I step out of you light
My skin will blister away
The sun eclipsed in your eyes
The secrets I will find
Saw my dreams falling away
Burning in your eyes

Now the pain creates my life
A statue in your effigy
And the dark reflects my face
I'm just a silhouette of you.
The sun eclipsed in your eyes
The secrets I will find
Saw my dreams falling away
Burning in your eyes

I was alive when you were near
Tearing you down I disappear
Remember my now in all this pain
Take it away

And after all, was said and done
I disappear without a trace
I gave you every thing I had
Where the hell were you

I was alive when you were near
Tearing you down I disappear
Remember my now in all this pain
Take it away

I remember everything...


Polar Shifts: Vibrations (First full length coming Fall 2006)
Polar Shifts: a prelude to the Positive/Negative EP - 2005
Blue: the fifth imprint EP - 2004
Suture - Acoustic EP - 2004
Strangelove Recording Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 - 2004
Imprint One EP - 2003

Set List

The Wreck
Broken Shores
Nine Inch Nail Cover: Something I can never have
Nothing In
The Focus
White Flags In Battle
This Synapsis is Broken
Resist Everything
When I Wake