AUDIENCE strikes back in 2007 with “TRYING WINGS ON ROOTS”: their third record, closer than ever to the roots of rock, blues and country. Available internationally through Cd Baby.


Trying wings on roots is Audience´s third album, released after four years without stepping into the recording studio. However, the band hasn´t left the stages during all this long time, and that factor has made these 13 new songs grow mature and strong.

With Trying wings on roots the band gets closer than ever to the roots of rock, blues and country, although Audience´s music still keeps its own identity.

Audience is Hannot Mintegia (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Gaizka Insunza (vocals, guitar, piano), Ager Insunza (vocals, guitar, violin, lap steel, piano), Andoni Lauzirika (bass guitar) and Mikel Sagarna (drums).

They live in Gernika, Busturia (Bizkaia- Basque Country) and Göteborg (Sweden).

They have 3 albums: "Some Lovely Hands On Dry Skins" (Primeros Pasitos, 2002), "Second Handed" (Noizpop, 2003) and their new record, “Trying wings on roots” (Noizpop, 2007). They previously released 2 demos: “Audience” (1999) and “Gag a day” (2000), as well as the EP “Nashville shirts (losers´clothing)” (Primeros Pasitos, 2001).

They also released a videoclip entitled “Over (on fire in a song)”, included in a homonymous CD single (Primeros Pasitos, 2002).

They´ve opened for bands such as At The Drive In, Trans Am, Luna, Red House Painters, Gallon Drunk, Howe Gelb, etc…

Some of their musical influences are: Nick Cave, The Who, Fugazi, Rolling Stones, 16 Horsepower, Bob Dylan, Will Oldham, The Beatles, Gallon Drunk and Led Zeppelin.

Some of their cinematographic influences are: David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Orson Welles, John Cassavetes y David Cronenberg.

They have played at the most known Spanish festivals, such as Festival Internacional de Benicassim, Primavera Sound, and BAM. They´ve also played in The Netherlands and Finland.

Hannot, Gaizka and Ager have a side project called Young Talent Show. Under this name they have released 2 demos: “The Red House Painters Day” and “Fabulous Florida Vacation”.

They´ve worked with artists from the independent Spanish and Basque scenes like Ainara LeGardon (whose two solo records were produced by Chris Eckman -The Walkabouts-), Anari, Julio de la Rosa, Dei Suoni and Marcos Untzeta.

Enjoy their music!


“Trying wings on roots” (Noizpop, 2007)

"Second Handed" (Noizpop, 2003)

"Some Lovely Hands On Dry Skins" (Primeros Pasitos, 2002)

“Over (on fire in a song)” CD single (Primeros Pasitos, 2002).

“Nashville shirts (losers´clothing)” EP (Primeros Pasitos, 2001).

“Gag a day” (2000) -demo-

“Audience” (1999) -demo-