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This band has not uploaded any videos




"They won the favour of the critics with
their first record, and they didn't let
themselves go with the flow. Let the will
to take risks be applauded, and let them
be welcome if they reach their goal, like
in their case."

Oct. 24, 2007.
- Álvaro Fierro


"Audience turn their town, Gernika, in a
skyscraper city, into a crossroads motel
movie. They've just created "trying
wings on roots", on the same level as
any international album. They don't look
for market interests, so creation and
detail sail through their records and their
brilliant and physical live performances"

Oct. 25, 2007. - Pablo Cabeza


"This is what music around here was
missing, new sounds, new proposals
out of the national stereotyped indie. A
great work from a band that had already
shown their catalog's quality in their first
two albums. Now they return in great
shape into scene to take back their
place. Enjoy it, as it's said."

Oct. 16, 2007. - Natxo Sobrado


"They are unique in The Basque
Country and you'll hardly find another
band like them out of here either.
They've just released their third album
"Trying wings on roots". Highly
recommended to watch and listen live."

Oct. 24, 2007.
Asier Susaeta. - OTAMOTZ


"It is already on of the best records of
the year and it's got me burning on
wishes to listen to in their great live


A Shake In Calm Water LP (Bidehuts, 2009)

Trying Wings On Roots LP(Noizpop, 2007)

Second Handed LP (Noizpop, 2003)

Some Lovely Hands On Dry Skins LP (Primeros Pasitos, 2002)

Nashville Shirts (Loser's Clothing) EP (Primeros Pasitos, 2001)

Over (On Fire In A Song) SINGLE (Primeros Pasitos, 2001)

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Our first demo (1999) gets us to the "Villa de Bilbao 2000" contest final.

We come second in the "Villa de Bilbao" contest behind the Swedish band Very Ape winning the prize for "best band in the State". We´re also among the 3 winners of "Demo 2001" contest, organized by the prestigious radio station Radio 3 and "Bennicassim International Festival". We play in "Bennicassim International Festival". Line-up: P.J. Harvey, Pulp, Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips among others.

Our first EP is published. We play in the Access to Amsterdam (Holland /Netherlands) and Maailma Kylassa (Finland) festivals. With bands such as Trans Am, Luna or Red House Painters.

Our fist LP is published. Second EP includes our first video.
We play in BAM (Barcelona) and Sant Feliu Hardcore Festival festivals.

Second LP.
Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona with bands such as Gellon Drunk among others.

Bilboloop festival (Bilbao) and we finish the tour in Sidecar (Barcelona).
We open for Howe Gelb in Bilbao.

Colaborations with other bands and musicians such as Ainara LeGardon, Anari, Julio de la Rosa, Dei Suoni or Markos Untzeta.

we write the main song for the TV program EITB Cultura and the soundtrack for a theatrical play named "Mañana seremos" with The young Composer Arantxa. We also write the main
song for the short film "Urbaltzaga" directed by Xanti Urrutia.

New record: A Shake In Calm Water