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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Radio 1"

“All bare emotion and quiet musical strokes and very lovely it is too!”
- BBC Radio 1

"Times London"

“Big melodic rock songs that could make them next years Keane” - 'The London Times'

"2RR FM, Australia"

“Love, loss, beauty and violence. It’s got everything…what more does a track need”
- 2RR fm, Sydney


Audiocalm - Roots EP
Audiocalm -Give Me Soul (single - Daddy Fresh Music)
Audiocalm - Fall (single - 16th Groove Records)



A band with folk and roots music in its soul, Audiocalm has now added more adrenalin to the mix to stunning effect. Fully plugged in and amped up, the band have evolved a hard edge to match singer Andy Huntleys heartfelt lyrics and soaring vocals. Where once stood a percussionist there now sits bona fide rock drummer Andrew Pittaway (loves U2, healthy interest in the Sugababes), and the cellist yes, cellist has been replaced by bassist Alex Markey, fresh from the world of skate punk. For Andy, switching from the singer/songwriters stool to fronting an electric four-piece has been liberating, not least for the interplay between his vocals and lead guitarist Andy Margrett's sonic outbursts interplay that defines the bands distinctive sound and acclaimed live performances.
I was an acoustic performer, but I love the live rock experience, smiles Andy. We all feel the adrenalin on stage. And Andys' songs have been truly energised by the sheer force of the bands musicianship. The melodies are still there, but there is a distinct edginess to the music too. You only need listen to Long Way Home. For Andy, the moment it all came together. It was written as a chilled-out, mellow number, but when the band got hold of it, it was transformed into a ballsy rocker with fat guitars. I knew instantly it was the way to go. It still opens our live set today.

The perfect combination of stab-you-in-the-heart lyrics and violently peaking guitars has now become the bands stock-in-trade. And theres more to come. Producer Ian Grimble, the man in the control room when Travis created The Man Who and the Manics recorded This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours will record the bands new EP. Grimble, (Travis, MSP, Boy Kill Boy) has been drawn to the band by the melodies and the quality of the songs but also by the opportunity to help create a truly original sound.
Fans can expect more amplification as the band evolves and more airplay. Ian believes in our ability to create hit singles, says Andy. Just having his name on the credits puts us in a different league. People are going to sit up and take notice.

Already making waves as a live act, Audiocalm have been voted best emerging band in the UK after finishing runners-up in the Worlds largest and most prestigious 'Global Battle of the Bands'. Constantly gigging, Audiocalm have recently been billed with rising stars like 'Jamie T', 'Pull Tiger Tail', 'Jack Penate', 'Newton Faulkner' and also some established acts like 'Brett Anderson' (Suede) They now stand on the edge of rock stardom, but perhaps, given Andys day job, it was always meant to be. Can it get more rock n roll than selling Jack Daniels for a living?