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The best kept secret in music


"Denver Post"

This alt-rock quartet crafts powerful, riff-laden music in the vein of Soundgarden or Stone Temple Pilots - Local scene, Jan 1 2006

"Light In Darkness EP, Part 1"

The Denver-based quartet, AudioChilde, debuts with their independently released five-song EP, Light Into Darkness Part 1. The melodic, grunge-like songs remind me of all the things I like about the bands Alice In Chains, Jane’s Addiction, and Pearl Jam. The duo vocals add a melodic twist to heavier songs like “Bring Me Down” and an appealing bring-me-closer feel to the rock ballad of “Wonder.” - The Vail Trail, Samantha Donent

"Light In Darkness EP, Part 1"

The Light in Darkness EP, Part 1 may have a progressive rock-sounding title, but Cline’s gravelly vocals give this work more of a Alice In Chains grunge feel instead.

There's a lot of anger being vented around here. Cline complains, “Every word you say brings me down” during “Bring Me Down.” Then he adds, “I never wanna be you." Is it grunge or grudge music? Still, there are significant dynamic range changes from track to track. “Light In Darkness,” for instance, alternates between quiet and loud, whereas “Wonder” remains relatively hushed. The opener “Youth” comes off like majestic guitar rock, yet “Bring Me Down” is better described as low-end, heavy rock -- the kind that borders on heavy metal.

Clocking in at only five songs, this is but a tiny taste of what AudioChilde can do. Based upon the quality of these initial samples, AudioChilde deserves a shot at full-length recorded representation soon. -, Dan MacIntosh

"Locals Only Radio in Denver"

On first listen, my favorite song was "Bring Me Down" (with "Wonder" a close second). Listen for one of those to pop up on Area 93.3 FM play list real soon.

- Alf - 93.3 radio station DJ

"2005 Westword Best Local Promoter"

Thank you guys for coming out on a Tuesday night and putting on a great show. I got many compliments from Iliff park staff about you guys and we will be having you back as well as some bigger shows too!

Wayne - Big Q Productions

"A Light With AudioChilde"

The music on the album has the sound a little like Alice In Chains with the angst and anger of Nickelback. The guitar is raw and the vocals solid and harsh.

Youth is a song that deals with false doctrine and not falling into that trap. The guitar is awesome and Cline's vocals are very good.

Slippin' begins slowly, with a mild rock melody. Then it moves into a more moderate pace.

Bring Me Down hits hard with monster guitar and anger filled vocals. Cline sings about this person who brings him down with their words and actions. But he tells the person “I never wanna be hate like you”, slamming it right back in their face.

Wonder has real good acoustic styled guitar as a lead in. It is a slower rock ballad.

The CD ends with the title track, Light In Darkness. It is a dark rock anthem that has great guitar riffs and solid vocals.

You might think that the grunge and progressive rock sound is on it's way out. But with bands like AudioChilde, it won't be going away too soon. Their music has awesome guitar, a ton of angst and anger and vocals that are better than most bands in this genre. - Bruce Von Stiers


EP: Light In Darkness, Part 1 released August 2005

1. Youth
2. Slippin
3. Bring Me Down
4. Wonder
5. Light In Darkness

EP: Light In Darkness, Part 2 to be released in the summer of 2006

1. Change
2. Angels Cry
3. Chinese Porn
4. Misplaced
5. Torn
6. Left To Blame



Feeling a bit camera shy


Great hard rock bands will always be marketable no matter what the current pop music scene is. AudioChilde songs are timeless and have mass appeal due to their melodic hooks and lyrical content. Their infectious music is forged by true passion and emotion.

AudioChilde came to life in the summer of 2004 in Denver Colorado. After meeting each other through mutual friends and a never-ending rotation of local bands, Ryan Cline and Lee Glide formed an immediate musical connection. They started writing songs together and knew instantly that they were on to something big. After just a few months of writing they decided to record their new songs in the hopes that someone would hear it and help them make a career in the music business. Lee built a studio in his basement and AudioChilde spent the winter and spring of 2005 recording. The results of AudioChilde’s first recording are astounding.

"Light In Darkness, Part 1" became AudioChilde's debut recording. The album title is not only a description of lyrical content and depth, but it is also a metaphor for the type of music that makes up the album. From the super heavy guitar riffs in "Bring Me Down" and "Youth", to the acoustic based "Wonder", the LND EP is a sonic journey from Light to Dark, Heavy to Melodic, and everything in between.

Soon after the completion of the Light In Darkness Part 1 in June of 2005, AudioChilde hooked up with Joe Apato on drums and Matt Tackitt on bass. The new rhythm section added a whole new deminsion to the band not captured on the EP recording, but it now drives AudioChilde's live show. When the four AudioChilde members play together, they have a musical chemistry that blows audiences away. With many shows under their belt in 2005, AudioChilde has built a fan base that club owners love.

In 2006, AudioChilde will be playing festivals and shows all over the country from LA to New York. They will also be recording the second half of the Light In Darkness album. Audiochilde is pursing booking agents, distribution deals, management, legal, and label representation.

Please contact AudioChilde at:
phone 303-809-5268
fax 303-308-7679

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