The Denver Post - "This alt-rock quartet crafts powerful, riff-laden music ..."


Great hard rock bands will always be marketable no matter what the current pop music scene is. AudioChilde songs are timeless and have mass appeal due to their melodic hooks and lyrical content. Their infectious music is forged by true passion and emotion.

AudioChilde came to life in the summer of 2004 in Denver Colorado. After meeting each other through mutual friends and a never-ending rotation of local bands, Ryan Cline and Lee Glide formed an immediate musical connection. They started writing songs together and knew instantly that they were on to something big. After just a few months of writing they decided to record their new songs in the hopes that someone would hear it and help them make a career in the music business. Lee built a studio in his basement and AudioChilde spent the winter and spring of 2005 recording. The results of AudioChilde’s first recording are astounding.

"Light In Darkness, Part 1" became AudioChilde's debut recording. The album title is not only a description of lyrical content and depth, but it is also a metaphor for the type of music that makes up the album. From the super heavy guitar riffs in "Bring Me Down" and "Youth", to the acoustic based "Wonder", the LND EP is a sonic journey from Light to Dark, Heavy to Melodic, and everything in between.

Soon after the completion of the Light In Darkness Part 1 in June of 2005, AudioChilde hooked up with Joe Apato on drums and Matt Tackitt on bass. The new rhythm section added a whole new deminsion to the band not captured on the EP recording, but it now drives AudioChilde's live show. When the four AudioChilde members play together, they have a musical chemistry that blows audiences away. With many shows under their belt in 2005, AudioChilde has built a fan base that club owners love.

In 2006, AudioChilde will be playing festivals and shows all over the country from LA to New York. They will also be recording the second half of the Light In Darkness album. Audiochilde is pursing booking agents, distribution deals, management, legal, and label representation.

Please contact AudioChilde at:
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Written By: AudioChilde

Crowded rooms can’t hide my tomb
As anger fills the fire consumes
Shaken, Shaken I’ve tasted the fruit
Spit you out don’t steal my youth

Truth you seek but lies you preach
Buried now they’ve branded me
Shaken, Shaken I fall from the tree
On the ground now let me be

Fear inside tells me I’ve died
And all these years I lose
But I’m not blind
Won’t lose my mind
Don’t steal my youth

Breathe in my dying breath
The course is run my path is set
Shaken, Shaken I’m bleeding for you
Please come now don’t steal my youth


Written By: AudioChilde

I’ve wasted so much time
I’ve been gone such a long ride
I can’t breath with these feelings
I can’t set free
Do you Wonder
What our life would be
Just you and me

And I’ve been searching
For the longest time
And I’ve been searching
For the reasons why
I die tonight

Now regret has become my bride
And I’m left waiting till the water turns to wine
I can’t breath with these feelings
Your memory
Do you Wonder
What my life would be
You without me

I can’t breath
With this bleeding
You’ve cut so deep
Do you Wonder
What my life would be
When I can’ t breath

And I’ve been searching for the longest time
And I’ve been searching all night
And I’ve been searching for the longest time
And I’ve been searching for the reasons why
I’ve died tonight

Light in Darnkess

Written By: AudioChilde

Sometimes I cannot see
What this life really means for me
So I search for a better way
It’s the best I can do

Why do you even call
Why do you even say
That your truth will save me away
And take me from this place

Can I be strong
Can I be brave
When all I know is to lie here
And hold my head in shame

Oh light in the darkness save me
Then guide my way back
To brighter days
If the light in the darkness shines
I’ll find my way

After tears have raised the sea
On the shore now I’m left to be
If your words were lost in the sand
Was your light mine to lose

Whenever I fall
Will you take my hand
In a world that’s filled with shadows
In the darkness I stand

Shine on me
Shine on me


Written By: AudioChilde

It’s so hard to just fit in
When you’re broken and bent
Past the point of no return
Here’s the question that still burns
What will be my way
When I’m gone will I feel the pain
Is the end my saving grace
Cuz I’m slippin
I’m slippin away

Make me laugh
Make me cry
Make me feel
Make me try
For the wrong
For the right
Give me hope
Give me life
Give me hope now give me life

I don’t know where I’ll fit in
In this world that’s not my friend
Close the door you shut me out
Here I stay till I am found
What will be my way
When I’m gone will I feel the pain
Is the end my saving grace
Cuz I’m slippin
I’m slippin away

Bring Me Down

Written By: AudioChilde

So heavy on my back
Label me till I can’t laugh
Always try to cage me
Bring me down
Bring me down
For all the love I have
This rage inside just sets me back
Say I’m wrong and crazy
Bring me down
Bring me down

Every word you say brings me down
All these things you do have no ground
I never want to be hate like you
Cuz every word you say brings me down
Brings me down

With open eyes I see right through
This crown of thorns that you abuse
Waste my time and chain me
Bring me down
Bring me down

Every time I try
To get through to you
You only push me aside
Now I’m empty too


EP: Light In Darkness, Part 1 released August 2005

1. Youth
2. Slippin
3. Bring Me Down
4. Wonder
5. Light In Darkness

EP: Light In Darkness, Part 2 to be released in the summer of 2006

1. Change
2. Angels Cry
3. Chinese Porn
4. Misplaced
5. Torn
6. Left To Blame


Set List

1. The Storm
2. Selfish Me
3. Torn
4. Wonder
5. Angels Cry
6. Slippin
7. Change
8. Light in Darkness
9. Left to Blame
10. Misplaced
11. Bring Me Down
12. Youth
13. Chinese Porn