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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | INDIE

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Classic Rock


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"NeuFutur Magazine album review"

Blog Archive » Audiocrash – Time Sensitive Material
Audiocrash – Time Sensitive Material
Audiocrash – Time Sensitive Material / 2008 Dirty Garage / 10 Tracks / /
“My Fault” begins with little more than a guitar softly strumming. The vocals come in soon after, with a sound that blends equal parts current Bon Jovi and Geddy Lee. The style of music that Audiocrash plays is a very time-tested brand of rock music, ultimately current but playing heavily on the classic rock genre. “I Can’t Feel You Anymore” has a live feel to it that showcases a different part of Audiocrash. The Bon Jovi comparison becomes even more present during this track, but Audiocrash continues to insert their own style through the duet style that is dominant during this track.
“Because” is the track on “Time Sensitive Material” that Audiocrash really begin to divorce themselves from the influences that were present on earlier tracks. The band’s interpretation of the rock genre is catchy, fun, and musically impressive. The trippier sound of “Otherwise” continues the same shift toward the creation of a unique sound that was first heard during “Because”, while the act navigates its way through banks of distortion and meandering musical arrangements. I personally like the way that Audiocrash orient their “Time Sensitive Material”. By having tracks that more closely link the band to their influences at the early sections of the CD, they gradually introduce listeners to their own unique interpretation of the rock genre.
Thus, it is possible for the band to make the incredibly interesting “Life Line”, which simultaneously links together the rock of acts like U2, the Psychedelic Furs and Tom Petty into something that, despite playing on an earlier tradition, is fresh and vibrant. The overall approach that Audiocrash takes during “Life Line” is expanded considerably during the “Leprechaun’s Waltz”. This instrumental track is the track that will showcase most clearly the ability and skill present in each member of Audiocrash; while the vocals are nice on a number of tracks, the band is smart to include such an expression of their talent on “Time Sensitive Material”. Audiocrash will be big, just give them another year or so; their music is too impressive and approachable for them to be working in any sort of small bar or club for long. Check out “Time Sensitive Material”, catch them when they play around you, and support them by buying some further merch. With your support they will achieve the fame that they so rightfully deserve.
Top Tracks: Life Line, Otherwise
- NeuFutur Magazine

"Performer Magazine album review"

Time Sensitive Material

Produced by Craig Maseratti and Guy Strzepek / Mixed and mastered by Keith Rose at Liquid Ghost Studios in Boca Raton, FL

Time Sensitive Material is a diverse collection of songs composed by Craig Maseratti and Guy Strzepek. The Fort Lauderdale band’s sound is classic indie pop rock, with infectious melodies and catchy, relatable lyrics about love and life, but it’s the band’s use of many different layers of music and vocals in each song that makes the music notable.

The first track, “My Fault,” opens with an acoustic guitar and Guy Strzepek’s passionate vocals on the first verse, with layers of instruments and vocal harmonies added in its evolution. The songs “Because,” “Life Line” and “I’ll Always Be With You” swirl around in their individual layers and vocal harmonies, while the instrumental “Leprechauns Waltz” has a distinctive Celtic flair.

“Otherwise” and “Everyday” have an edgier tone compared to the rest of the songs but still have the multiple layers characteristic of Audiocrash’s music. The piano ballad “Captain America” stands out not only lyrically but also musically because of its simplicity. As with the opening track, the last song “Chasing Sunlight” starts off with a stark acoustic beginning, adding in layers of instruments and vocal harmonies as it brings the CD to a close.

This debut CD from Audiocrash will not only appeal to fans of indie-pop, but all music fans of any style could find the songs here inviting because of the musical diversity. (Dirty Garage Records)

Kat Coffin - Kat Coffin

"“Everyday” song review compliments of"

Tom Tom Heaven
clean rock theme....good drums...good sound...mellow circuit material....wheres my t shirt? good driving rhythm and that is all i have to say about thaaat
- Maverick172 from Mountain Springs, Texas on 2Jan2008
The intro sets the mood. - And in a good way! Only thing is, I think the intro is abit too long.

When it all kicks in, the diffrent instruments are very well balanced.

Good vocals, but im stil missing the big "kick".

I kinda like this song. It has a nice flow in it, and it grooves very well.

Keep on rocking guys, this can go anywhere.
- Engen from Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway on 18Dec2007
Epic sound
From the start this had an epic rock sound (80's Cure or Cult), the buildup is good, the break brings it down just right, guitars lead the way, solid bass/drums, vocals good-might need some more sonic effects to fleshout some more. Overall good effort. Light your Bic, Man!
- dm6string from Dallas, Texas on 29Nov2007
Nice intro and woosh effect, bass sounds pretty cool. Nice effects and drums pretty cool sounding.. Song kicks in pretty nice eventually. Nice Vocals as well
- ashilan from Grover Beach, California on 22Nov2007
Veh-eh-eeeryyy nice.
I like the instrumentals alot. The guitar has a little too much distortion, though. It's slightly painful. The vocals are pretty good, too, but they're a little too loud. And some of the trills are a little too exaggerated- subtlety is a virtue.
- kiel from Santa Fe, Hysteria on 16Nov2007
Diggin it
really liked the guitar tones and the groove of the song. Really liked the trippy guitar sounds in the intro.
- thr3blindmise from Denver, Colorado on 14Nov2007
Production Kicks
That bass tone is sweet. The mixing and production could use just a little work. Stadium rock is definitely apparent here. Keep it up!
- mrz0ne from Peoria, Illinois on 12Nov2007

New day,
Power right from the off, Great solid back beat almost U2-esque.

The vocal performance, is fair enough not in the same class as yer man Bono, but this guy carries off this alright....maybe a better mix might have shown him to be better, but then I love the mix from a musicians point of view, I mean the drums, bass and guitars are fuckin excellent and drivin this song....
- purerediguana from Glasgow, Scotland on 8Nov2007
not bad
pretty good. poppy. not my taste but good structure. liked the originality of the lead vocalist.
- SFratanduono from Unspecified on 7Nov2007
I'm listening and waiting for some focal point to this piece. What can I say--the band sounds tight-- too much effects--vocal is clear and strong but he doesn't have much to work with in the way of lyric. Sound is good --need more content---lyric.Guitars were fine . Good luck.
- IceCreaMPiMP from Guilford, Connecticut on 6Nov2007
very cool
almost leaving a retro feel, this song has a very cool sound. Love the arrangment. I think this creative song deserves credit in the drum deptarment aswell.
- marcogiovannett from Maple, Ontario, Canada on 22Oct2007
Good mood
I like the mood of this song. The guitars sound great and clean.
- Anthony_T136 from Unspecified on 19Oct2007
Well produced
I like the sound. The drums sound great. And I enjoyed the opening. Cool build-up.
- ATAABOC from Norway on 19Oct2007

excellent song
Really good job on the recording and production of this song. Very strong vocals with good tone. Guitars sound great and crunchy.
nice outro. Good job, great tune.
- Silvergun from Canada on 17Oct2007
on the road
It started out as something that reminded me of Tool and Linkin Park (I know - strange comparrison) but as soon as that "phaser intro" was over the song - which had potential - flips over to a normal avarage rock song.

It's got this feel good on the road feel to it. Sometimes reminding me of bands like Pearl Jam.

The vocals are good, I just feel that the singer should slack down on the viborator effect; it is difficult to use this in a good way, trust me I know. Lyrics are good, they caught my attention.
The guitars are rocking, set the right mood to the song and make you want to jump up and get on the go.

I don't like the sound of the drums however, they sound like something sampled.

Overall a good song.
- Edfead from Herning, Denmark on 17Oct2007
on my way home
The intro is different and appealing. The vocalist sings with presence and confidense.The guitars don't bring alot to this song..I would have like to heard some skilled lead solos.. I like the virbrado when you sing"Home" in parts. The song gives a posative mood.
- lonniep from Waco, Texas on 10Oct2007
Great intro...flashback to the 80's
If michael hutchence were still alive he would like this, very INXS from the 80's with Big Country and Simple Minds thrown in for good measure. Good throwback tune.
- SweetDickWillie from Culver City, California on 9Oct2007GB- EveryDay

""My fault" song review compliments of"

"My fault" individual reviews

Great production
Cool acoustic intro. Everything blends together very nicely, no instrument overpowers another - great job on production. Almost has a classic rock feel, but not quite... much more modern.
- coveredinash8 from Seattle, Washington on 1Apr2008
This reminds me of alternative rock. It's musically pretty well put together.
- nikithunders from Bel Air, Maryland on 25Mar2008
Intro was nice, kinda Zepplinesque kinda mood. The guitars tone were perfect, probably the best sounding and produced track ive heard today.
Very Radio friendly and i can hear it going places. good track overall
- rt_studios from Canada on 14Mar2008
Thought it was nice Americana rock. I would like it to be a little
shorter. The guitars were fine, and the hook was there. Not sure what mood was intended, but I got a feel of kickin' back.
- orangeblank from Minneapolis, Minnesota on 29Jan2008
After a little work on chorus a top notch off..
Catchy opening riff and vocals. Good production, very clean with a good mix. Reminds me of 80's rock. The guitar parts play well off each other, good chord matching. I see the band wants comments on the hook, I really like the feel and mood of this song but siting here after listening to it no one part of the lyrics is in my head. (I hope that makes sense) I like the lyrics and don't think the hook issue is in them. On the 2nd time listening I think the hook would actually have more punch by making the acoustic riff the dominant one.
I think this would give for a better contrast. Overall good song great production upbeat mood.
- FLYNNKILLEN from Centerville, Ohio on 27Jan2008
super quality
the recording is excellent love it. the acoustic is great love how its just strings reallyh comes through. whatever you paid it was worth it
- noledge69 from Springfield, Massachusetts on 27Jan2008
Decent song
Pleasant acoustic guitar followed by equally pleasant and sincere vocals. Pace pics up at 45 seconds which is fine if you're not aiming for corporate radio. But i did expect the chorus to kick in soon after, upping the pace and taking me to the next chorus which would be even bigger. Nice track and later electrics cool but some daring would be appreciated.
- ashburner from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa on 23Jan2008
Decent images in the lyrics, initially.

Good singer & some pretty catchy vocal melodies & lyrics.

I like the song, but, I'm no kid. sounds like a hit from the 70's or 80's. that's a compliment. I think the music was better then.
- bozefactor from Los Angeles, California on 17Jan2008
Can't quite put my finger on it...
This so totally reminds me of somebody, but I can't quite figure it. Oh well. Hey, I love the accoustic guitar start wtih the vocal lead. Song takes off when the band kicks in. I must say, you've got a really nice mix here. Singer is spot on, nice job. Guitars, hook, mood, all that are great! You have no idea how much I appreciate a well thought out, well performed, well written song on this site. One of the best I've heard here. Great job!
- maxover from Littleton, Colorado on 5Jan2008
nice chords on the guitar.good moody melody.sologitar sounded a little like niel young style.
good vocals and choir.
- Ingoland from Falköping, Västergötland, Sweden on 23Dec2007

Gets Down To It
This song gets right into it. The intro does not go on forever and that's the first kudo for radio play. I could understand all the lyrics and they are well written. When the full band comes it, the sound does not overpower the singer. Another kudo for radio play. All in all, its a good track.
- kevinsmithshow from Glendale, Arizona on 23Nov2007

Buff It Out
Nice intro, I like how the song opens up, but I'd prefer the drums keep grooving along instead of adding the snare syncopation's. I also think the chorus is catchy until the very end, when extra chords (bridge?) kind of breaks up the mood a bit. Maybe consider working a little more on the arrangement scheme to make this more radio friendly. This has all the elements to become a 'hit'!
- ReplyMemo from Phoenix, Arizona on 7Nov2007
Good pop/alt rock tune.
Good vibe and intro. I think from a personal standpoint I would have the band start in soon after the vocals instead of in the B section. I know quick changes are good, but I think you could have used another A section with vocals before you went into the second section. It's a really strong chorus, so I think people would be willing to wait another verse for it (don't give it all away too soon).

Good changes! Solo is coming at a good place for me to hear it. I would duck the other instruments or cut some of the parts around the solo though. It's very ambient and has echoes, but the acoustic/drums/bass are covering and cluttering some of that goodness up. Plus, if you cut some parts, it would make the band's entrance that much bigger.
Good vocal melody, sounds a little bit like Jane's Addiction. Good work! Definitely has a hook and an uplifting mood.
- faceUnknown from Pleasant Hill, California on 5Nov2007
Nice intro!
I like the acoustic guitar intro. Yall have very "hooky" sounding progressions. The lyrics are descriptive and help to paint a picture.
- 8_Systems from Austin, Texas on 5Nov2007
Exceptonal production
Mood reminds me a bit of Jethro Tull. Exceptional production. Guitars are very smooth. Solid singing going on here!
- dotwood from Genk, Limburg, Belgium on 3Nov2007
Nice with flowers
Very efficient intro with acoustic guitar. The lead vocal is nice. Excellent lyrics & melody. Song that really hook the listeners. Very effective orchestration that provides a very relaxing mood. Nice.
- EMILIEN from Paris, France on 1Nov2007


Our album "Time sensitive material" release date is May 10th. This 10 song CD release includes classic indie pop rock, with infectious melodies and catchy, relatable lyrics about love and life. We are presently in studio working on album #2
My fault 4:22
I can't feel you anymore 4:08
Because 5:13
Otherwise 4:25
Life line 4:03
Leprechauns waltz 3:01
Ill always be with you 4:35
Captain America 2:07
Everyday 4:39
Chasing sunlight 4:47

Inside me



Guy Strzepek and Craig Maseratti met through our children who attended the same pre-school. Guy was a lyricist and lead vocalist and Craig was the musician and engineer, the rest is history. Craig played during the ’80s and ’90s in South Florida rock bands like: Redemption, The 11th Hour and The Stand, Craig Maseratti is no "Johnny come lately", these groups made the rounds of such gritty former Fort Lauderdale hot spots such as Squeeze and the Reunion Room, and Fire and Ice in Miami nad many more. Guy Strzepeck fronted The Numbskulls, aka The Swampcorpse, a European psychobilly/punk/rock band, in the late ’80s. Returning to the United States, he played in Julius U in the early and mid ’90s. So, when they met, both were ready to get back into the studio and make music in which old ideas from the "vault" where made new, hence Time sensitive material