AUDIODRONE is the collaborative musical project from electronic music whiz kid, Michael Alan and singer song-writer, Corey Andrew. Their contemporary New Wave flavored debut CD Arrival, pays homage to the carefree radio days of the 80's and early 90's with infectious hook laden songs.


Audiodrone is the debut collaborative music project from electronic music wiz kid, Michael Alan and soul influenced rock singer/songwriter, Corey Andrew. Their electronic New Wave flavored debut CD, Arrival pays homage to the carefree radio days of the 80’s and early 90’s while progressively moving forward with contemporary music production and infectious hook laden songs. With musical influences ranging from; New Order and Human League, to Missing Persons and The Pet Shop Boys, Audiodrone is destined to be at the forefront of the next synth-pop generation

Originally from Muskegon, Michigan, Michael’s interest in music began well before his pre-teen years. By young adulthood, the self taught percussionist had developed a strong passion for performing. Deciding to hone his craft, Michael relocated to Boston in 1998 to attend the world renowned Berklee College of Music. Feeling the constraints that structured academia can often place upon pure creativity; Michael decided that “real life” would be the teacher to better shape and mold his musical ambitions.

His next relocation led him to Chicago where his passion for electronic dance music flourished as did his skills as a composer and producer. Michael made a name for himself as a musical innovator on the Chicago club scene, wowing crowds with his fusion of live percussion and electronic dance music. Soon, the thriving New York City music scene would become the next natural destination of Michael’s journey. With his keen fashion sense and personal style Michael landed “day jobs” at top NY fashion boutiques such as Calvin Klein and the prestigious department store, Saks 5th Avenue. While continuing to write and record demos of his original music, it was at Saks 5th Avenue that Michael would meet eclectic performer, Corey Andrew.

Originally from Trenton, New Jersey, Corey Andrew is a multifaceted performer. He began writing songs at 12 years old and began recording demos with local collaborators by the start of his teenage years. His early days in New York City included stints in acting and stand up comedy, with performances in some of New York’s top comedy clubs including Caroline’s. He also appeared on the hit television show BET’s Comic View. Despite Corey’s varied entertainment interests, music would remain his first and strongest passion. In 2003 Corey released his independent debut CD; We’re all stars on Xcalibur Records. The soul influenced rock collection of original material drew comparisons to Lenny Kravitz and Seal as it gained CMJ college charts and rotations on public radio. To promote We’re All Stars, Corey took the show on the road with his 5 member band in 2004 performing at major events such as the Dewey Beach Music festival, and Camp Jeep West Virgina featuring headliner, Michelle Branch.

As an artist always looking to expand in new musical directions, Corey leapt at the opportunity to begin writing new music with Michael Alan. Almost immediately the duo realized they shared numerous musical influences, and together they began creating tracks at Michael’s Harlem neighborhood home studio. Initially they simply planned on recording a three song EP, but after a few months in the studio they realized that they were on to something much bigger. Twelve songs later Audiodrone is here, so get ready for their arrival!


Someday (Dance Radio Edit)

Written By: Michael Alan

I hear all those things you say
As you hide away from day
Hey Hey Hey Hey
And if they take your dreams away
Ah huh huh huh
I know you'll take them back someday

I hear all those things you say
As you hide away from day
Hey Hey Hey Hey
And if they take your dreams away
Ah hu huh huh
I know you'll take them back someday

Hey Hey Ah Someday
Hey Hey Ah Someday

I hear all those things you say
As you hide away from day
Hey Hey Hey Hey
And if they take your hopes away
Ah hu huh huh
I know that you'll be back someday

Hey Hey Ah Someday
Hey Hey Ah Someday

Taste of Wine

Written By: Shane Bullis, Corey Andrew

It’s no longer worth the loss
It’s no longer worth the pain
These years of sacrifice and it’s time gone down the drain
This empty feeling soul
Still feeding off the lies
The burden of this dream
You stole the sparkle from my eyes
Pouring water on the weeds
They’ve already choked the vine
I labor in vain longing for the taste of wine…uh huh

Longing for the taste of wine uh huh

It’s time to dream another dream
It’s time for me to go
Like saying goodbye to the only friend I know
As I’m laying on the shore
You’re drifting out to sea
It never should have been now it wasn’t meant to be…uh huh

Wasn’t meant to be uh huh

The hourglass is never kind
Just like clocks upon the wall
Backwards they will not rewind; winter, spring, summertime, and fall
As we learn to play the game with memories sublime
Raise your glass let’s make a toast to another taste of wine.

Can't take my eyes away

Written By: Michael Alan, Corey Andrew

I can’t believe that were together at last
Neither one of us concerned about the past
Two many lovers can cause so much heartache
It all becomes a big game of give and take

You leave me breathless without any reason
Your heart will never accuse my heart of treason
You’re like an apparition hovering in the night
Are you there or are you in my mind?

Can’t take my eyes away…(x8)

I find myself walking through a Labyrinth
Dazed, confused, and wondering where the time went
Lost in your smile as big as the sky
I’ve no doubts together we can fly

Hypnotized by the light that surrounds you
I thank the gods for the day that I found you
You’re like artwork hanging on the wall
I can’t stop staring at you at all

Can’t take my eyes away…(x8)

I close my eyes
Like a vision of paradise you still remain
What I'm feeling can't be denied
I envision our lives one and the same



Set List

The set list for AUDIODRONE consists of all original songs from our debut CD, Arrival.

Another Taste of Wine
Moving On
Calling Out
Can't take my eyes away