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Audio Fiction @ Webster Hall

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Audio Fiction @ The Mercury Lounge

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

Audio Fiction @ The Mercury Lounge

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



A week after the opera season closing night of Tosca at the Met, Ms. Fong stood on the main stage at the soon to close venerable CBGB's with rock band Audio Fiction and ended up in the New York Post's Page Six gossip column. That was just her first "gig"! - Yahoo News

“The power-pop act embraces the best of '90s-style pop-rock” – Maxine Shen, New York Post

“New York pop-rock band Audio Fiction ….. rose to fame with its "Garbage meets No Doubt" sound and energetic live shows. Fans love the band's catchy riffs, unique guitar solos and deceptively serious lyrics” – New York Daily News

“This band has an attitude of NYC-sized proportions and that makes their able-to-dance-to pop punk music a winner” - The Aquarian Weekly

“They put on a kick-ass live show!” - Gothamist

“Band to Watch” – Hot Press Magazine, Ireland - Mainstream press

Summary of early reviews of debut EP had this to say:

"Tick Tock," is deliriously enjoyable ear candy..." -

"Next-wave power-pop band from New York ....sounding like a Blondie-meets-No-Doubt hybrid" - Curve Magazine

"Impenetrable, a moody, smoky jazz-club crooner..." - The Aquarian

"Tick Tock," a cheery power pop marshmallow with deceptively caustic lyrics that rally against the war effort" - The Irish Voice

"Audio Fiction's version of the future involves a piercing gaze into the past...", Zeth Lundy

"...a great New York-based band that combines cool pop hooks with an anti-authority bent" - The Rock & Roll Report

"Ferraro's baby-soft voice is well-suited and haunting in the album's first three tracks....churn out tunes that sound Reagan-era but whose subjects are decidedly au courant" - GO NYC Magazine

"...they put on a kick ass live show" - Gothamist

"The handful of pop nuggets found in the pocket of NYC's Audio Fiction presents the audience with plenty of sounds to make them listen..." IndieMusic Explosion

"...the band is on the right path and moving with rapid precision toward becoming serious players." - Gay City News (article)

"...strong vocals and rhythm, good song structures and a balance of dark, deep, and sometimes depressing vibes with rocked-up dance tunes and a throw-back vibe." - Score Music Magazine - Songs in the Key of Orange Alert reviews

"The handful of pop nuggets found in the pocket of NYC's AUDIO FICTION presents the audience with plenty of sounds to make them listen. SONGS IN THE KEY OF ORANGE ALERT is the brand new 6 song ep from cohorts MIMI FERRARO (vox), FERG O'SULLIVAN (lead guitar/vox), ANTHONY LOUPOS (guitar), TOM MOON (bass) and drummer MARK O'TOOLE. Bringing the listener to memories of the playful tunes of Blondie and Souixie and the Banshees. Coupled with a modern day dose of Natalie Merchant and a dash of No Doubt.

Recorded at Laughing Buddha Studios in NYC, you are sure to find a hook or two for your ears when flipping through this short but sweet listen. Fall into the driving, hook laden bass work on RACE THE HOURGLASS [track 2]. Settle into the dreamy, Cure-esque guitar work on BLESS ME [track 6]. Whether you hone into the vocals, the whimsical guitar work or the solid rhythm, don't forget to grab up this handful of quirky pop tunes.

With an official release date of November 2004, I'm sure that fans might be able to beg for an advance copy at any upcoming live appearances. Check out their website for more information about the band and when and where you can see them live." Elke Bourne, Indie Music Explosion


A disc arrived in the mailbag this week to support this New Wave trend. Just in time to greet the thick security blanket of last week’s Republican National Convention, New York’s Audio Fiction has released a batch of catchy songs on an EP called Songs In the Key of Orange Alert.
The lead-off single is “Tick Tock,” a cheery power pop marshmallow with deceptively caustic lyrics that rally against the war effort.
“I smash your face with my open hand/marvel at your bloody nose/did I make my point or should I go on?/Life is good, if you’re on the right side/I dropped a bomb and killed your cat/wondering if I missed your dog/Did you like that? Want some more?” sings Mimi Ferraro in a coquettish delivery that recalls the ballsy pillow talk of Blondie’s Debbie Harry.

She is backed by a crackerjack band that consists of Ferg O’Sullivan (guitar and vocals), Anthony Loupos (guitar), Tom Moon (bass) and Co. Wicklow native Mark O’Toole (drums). On “Don’t Do It,” the band begins with a Velvet Underground-esque spoken word mood piece that breaks into a grunge chorus on a hairpin beat.

“Impenetrable” is a slinky R&B track that would feel right at home on a Norah Jones CD" - Mike Farragher

- The Irish Voice - New York

November 27, 2007 -- ROCK 'n' roll and politics don't always mix. Mark O'Toole, Irish drummer for New York rock band Audio Fiction, was taking a break from recording the other night in Makati, a ritzy area of Manila, when a Filipino friend pointed out Imelda Marcos, the widow of greedy dictator Ferdinand Marcos. "There were about 15 customers in the People's Choice restaurant, all ignoring her," O'Toole e-mailed us. "After a cou ple of beers, I said to myself, 'What the heck?' and marched up to her.

How often does one get an oppor tunity to have a dig at a tyrant?" When the Marcoses fled the Philippines in 1986, Imelda left behind 15 mink coats, 888 handbags and 1,060 pairs of shoes. "So I introduced myself, and asked could I borrow a pair of shoes for my lead singer, Kristin. Needless to say, Imelda was not amused," O'Toole related. But soon ev eryone recognized the former first lady: "People started to take pictures, and then everyone was lining up for a shot of her."

June 2 2005
ANNA Sui at CBGB catching Audio Fiction accompanied by Metropolitan Opera violinist Katherine Fong, whose performance blew the crowd away .

Feb 13 2005
TAMAR and Mayteana, two topless karaoke singers featured on a recent episode of HBO's "Taxicab Confessions," showed up at Arlene's Grocery the other night to see Audio Fiction, the group whose drummer, Mark O'Toole, wound up on the same episode. When the girls left at the end of the night and got into a cab, the driver recognized them because he'd seen the show a few days before. The cabby was so thrilled, in fact, he gave them a free ride home

- Richard Johnson - Page Six (3 times)

April 17, 2005

A Stroke of chivalry

Fabrizio Moretti obviously isn't paying any mind to reports that he and Drew Barrymore have split. The Strokes drummer was ready to fight for his beloved the other night at the Beauty Bar.

Our spywitness says the trouble started when "a dorky-looking guy" started laying a rap on the "Charlie's Angels" star.

Fabrizio didn't like what he saw. After he told the dude to get lost, there "was a little push and shove," says our spy. "Fabrizio was defending his girl's honor."

Things got hairier still when fellow drummer Mark O'Toole, of Audio Fiction, tried to rescue his gal pal from the fracas by lifting her off a bar stool.

Except that the lady he grabbed turned out to be Barrymore. O'Toole tells us: "Fabrizio was polite to me. He knew I was trying to get her out of the way."

Feb 4 2005

O'Toole's 'Confession'

It was just another 5 a.m. cab ride for Audio Fiction drummer Mark O'Toole and he was feeling so fine, he didn't even notice the 15-minute journey turning into 45.

The Irish rocker chatted on about meeting a stripper the night of the 2003 blackout and taking her home as well as his obsession with 36DD breasts - until he saw the meter and flipped.

The driver had to confess that it had all been recorded for an episode of HBO's "Taxicab Confessions," which will air tomorrow night.

O'Toole will probably be more cautious after the band's gig at Arlene's Grocery Thursday night - or not.

August 8 2004
NYC rockers Audio Fiction have released their Bush-unfriendly album "Songs in the Key of Orange Alert" in time for the convention. - Ben Widdicombe (Gatecrasher)

- New York Daily News

August 30th, 2004 (New York, NY) -- Some Republicans have been seething about New York rock band Audio Fiction’s just released single “Tick Tock”; a subtle attack on George W. Bush and his reasons for invading Iraq. As lyrics in the song say, “life is good if your on the right side” perfectly epitomizes the attitude of the Bush administration according to some critics. “Tick Tock” is their first single from their debut record Songs in the Key of Orange Alert. The band denies that the timing of the GOP convention is related to the release schedule.

- Yahoo News

Aug 30th, 2004. We've had a chance to listen to the band Audio Fiction recently and thought they'd be perfect to tell you about this week. Why? Because the RNC is in town, and this band is most likely doing everything in its creative power to counter the Republican agenda. Stop. Pause. And thank them now.
Not to pigeon-hole them as only a politically driven band they are catchy pop rock with a message. Check them out now, we haven't heard a voice like Mimi's since...well, we don't know when, but Gwen Stefani comes to mind. And we hear they put on a kick ass live show, which you can catch starting this November. -Jen Carlson - Gothamist


Audio Fiction - self titled album released March 17 2009 - Liminal Records

Produced by Darren Korb and Audio Fiction, mixed by Jon D'Uva, mastered by Hans Dekline.

Kite High - Limited Edition 3 Track - Jan 2006 - Liminal Records

Produced by Ed Guy & Ferg @ Liminal HQ NYC
Mastered by Vic Anesini (Grammy nominee) @ Sony Music Studios

Songs in the Key of Orange Alert - 6 Track EP - April 2005. Liminal Records

Produced by Mike Barry & AF @ Laughing Buddha Studios NYC
Mastered by Mark Wilder (Blondie, Bob Dylan) @ Sony Studios

Records available on iTunes, AOL, Yahoo,, Bestbuy, Rhapsody etc



New York "scenesters" Audio Fiction released its full-length self-titled debut album, in March on Liminal Records.

The band became one of the first independant bands to join Harmonix and MTV Games' just released Rock Band Network Music Store for the Xbox 360(r) Rock Band

Audio Fiction delivers pop/rock at its best, blending melodic hooks and shrewd lyrics with dynamic solid rock to create their catchy songs. They've been compared to Garbage and No Doubt, but they're more like the resulting bastard stepchild of both. 80's retro chic made cool!

Audio Fiction has already appeared on ABC's Good Morning America and is fast becoming a favorite in the New York Post's infamous gossip column "Page Six."

Audio Fiction press dazzlers

New York Post
“The power-pop act embraces the best of '90s-style pop-rock” – Maxine Shen

New York Daily News
“New York pop-rock band Audio Fiction ….. rose to fame with its "Garbage meets No Doubt" sound and energetic live shows. Fans love the band's catchy riffs, unique guitar solos and deceptively serious lyrics” - Patty Lee

The Aquarian Weekly
“This band has an attitude of NYC-sized proportions and that makes their able-to-dance-to pop punk music a winner” - Francesca Baratta

“They put on a kick-ass live show!” – Jen Carlson

Page Six - New York Post
Scroll down below for AF's numerous mentions in Page Six.

Hot Press Magazine - Ireland
"Band to watch!"
Early Audio Fiction self titled debut album reviews
reviews summary

Three Star Smash
Like "Garbage and No Doubt fell into a rusted blender from the ’80s. Their self-titled debut froths over with sunny, effortless melody tempered with biting, scandalous lyrics and an infectious attitude.....Double X chromosome swagger and Siouxsie peek-a-boos tag team the slick, and at times face-melting guitar, such as on the Hendrixian octave madness of standout “Kite High's” soaring licks"
"'Suffocate,' absolutely menacing!!! Kristin gives such a powerful performance while at times sounding vulnerable..... This band can be sweet times, but if you mess with them, they WILL throw a chair in your face.

Two One Five Magazine
Audio Fiction’s self-titled debut brings plenty of bluesy punch and slick professionalism to a … set of festival-ready modern rock songs

"Audio Fiction’s self-titled Audio Fiction has the recipe for success...There are moments where the star quality of the album does shine through"

Rock is Life
Audio Fiction can be a little punk, a little ska, or a little rock and roll. No matter how you refer to their musical style, their latest release is sure to get you off your feet and moving to their hypnotic rhythms and radiant vocals.

Upon the release of their last teaser EP, the band has also received a ton of critical acclaim in a variety of online and print outlets - from The New York Daily News, The New York Post and The Village Voice, to The Hollywood Reporter and Time Out New York, to and Stereogum. Ireland's music bible Hot Press Magazine, named them "band to watch."

In his rare moments not playing drums, the drummer has become a favorite of the New York gossip columnists from the New York Post's Page Six to The Daily News Rush & Molloy columns, getting snagged for everything from his appearance in HBO's new "Taxicab Confessions – New York, New York", to a run-in's with dictator Imelda Marcus and The Strokes with Drew Barrymore.