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Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF

Boise, Idaho, United States | SELF
Band Rock Americana


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"Audio Moonshine"

Audio Moonshine - Let's Be
<Ripple Effect Review, May 2009>
For whatever reason, I've got a long history with this disc and a lot of apologizing to do. You see, the good folks at Audio Moonshine sent this rootsy treat to our Ripple office nigh on a year ago. After falling head over heels in love with the track, "Slow Motion," I just didn't quite know what to do with the rest. See, at the time, we were being flooded with metal and such, and the down home, countryish feeling to Audio Moonshine's brew just didn't connect with me. But still, I knew there was something there, and over the next year, wouldn't you know, the Audio Moonshine disc kept creeping into my CD player. Time after time. Finally, like lightning coming from the sky, it all clicked, and from that moment Let's Be has become one of my favorite all-time Ripple discs. And that's saying something.
What I got wrong on first listen was thinking this was country music, and convincing myself that I don't like country music. What the fine moonshiners brew up in their Idaho backyard bathtub isn't country at all, it's just exceptionally written, impeccably performed, immaculately crafted roots rock Americana with a heapin' helping of pop smarts. The closest comparison I can give you is along the lines of Sister Hazel, and if you're a fan of that band, I can nearly guarantee that Audio Moonshine should find a place in your liquor cabinet. . . er, CD collection. Starting from the first scratched acoustic chords of the title track, we're on an Americana treasure hunt here, ambling down the dusty roads of Boise, Idaho, leisurely uncovering one gem after another. Twanging guitar jumps in next, followed by Jake Ransom's deeply soulful, beautifully expressive, slightly affected vocals. The melody here is a natural, flowing out slow and easy like an Idaho river, and Jake tosses out snippets of his quirky wisdom like some modern philosopher; my favorite line being "I don't know why my ADD gets control of me/it's like natural speed." Perfect harmonizing female vocals aid in the chorus, which is as tightly crafted as the best of Tom Petty.
"I Can't Breathe," is another stunner, riding a rolling guitar intro over a mid-tempo beat. The boys let the band breathe naturally, organically, building up steam in it's tale of lost love. "Crazy," is a killer cut, kicking off with some fine finger-picking acoustic, while Ransom spins his northwestern/country wisdom, all the way to another mule kick-in-the head gem of a chorus. Hearing this I think of the best of the Gin Blossoms, if you can remember how in their day they could move effortlessly through a tune. But without a doubt, the stunner on the album is the track that tattooed this disc in my head, even before I knew I liked it, "Slow Motion." Unlike it's name, this gem moves at it's own damn happy clip, dancing across the guitar, harmonica, mouth harp opening, right into one of the best damn vocal hooks I've heard in ages. The band jumps in at the chorus, propelling this one into footstomping territory, drops it back down, then kicks it up again to it's raving, hand's clapping over your head, midsection. The rest of the disc flows out just as easily, absolutely perfect craft. Play this one at your backyard BBQ party and just wait for the folks to come up asking "who that damn band is." Don't hesitate to answer, just pour them a big mug full of this moonshine and let the high times follow.

- The Ripple Effect

"Audio Moonshine: Let's Be..."

When Jake Ransom was the bassist for local groups Crash 4 and David Andrews Band, he envisioned gathering many of his favorite Boise musicians and making a locally flavored disc. Audio Moonshine's debut CD, Let's Be ..., is that disc, an easy-to-listen-to, pop rock groover that makes it hard to sit still. Ransom (vocals, guitars, bass) wrote the lyrics and catchy tunes, while musicians like Farmdog members Christine Thomas (vocals) and Larry Kiser (lap steel), as well as former House of Hoi Polloi member Jason Roark (piano/keyboard), added harmonies and signature solos to music Ransom affectionately refers to as "spud rock." Ransom's former Crash 4 bandmates Kelly Martin (guitar), Rebecca Gourley (violin) and Chad Waite (drums) fill Audio Moonshine's album roster, along with Jamie Vink (bass) and Hoi Polloi alum Steve Fulton (Hammond/Rhodes/guitar). On the my-life-is-at-a-crossroads anthem "Not Today," solo artist Rebecca Scott adds a soulful wail while David Andrews provides an extra layer of deft guitar work. Dan Costello adds harmonica punctuation to the alt-country tune "Slow Motion," which starts out like a lazy acoustic float down the Boise River, zips over rolling electric rapids, then glides to a stop on a sandy acoustic shore. - Jennifer Hernandez


" The Speakeasy Sessions" (full length, going to be released in August 2013)
"Lets Be..." (full length debut, released in 2008)
- several tracks have received local radio airplay, inclusion on compilation albums, and are streaming on internet radio stations.
- positive reviews by The Ripple Effect Blog & Boise Weekly



Audio Moonshine is based in Boise, Idaho. After several years recording & performing together & separately, we have built a band project that truly reflects our collected personalities & influences. We take pride in our live performances, and seek to capture the same kind of energy in our recordings. Our music is essentially rock & roll, with a nod to our favorite elements of 70's classic rock, 90's alternative rock, country/americana music, and multitude of lesser influences.