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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Pop Hip Hop


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Chaz Logan & Zach Goyne are the duo that has created an ear catchy movement and they call themselves Audio-Ology. Hailing from Detroit and Monroe Louisiana respectively the two men met in Los Angeles just a few years ago and realized they were meant to do this Music Thang. Chaz an extremely good basketball player is focusing more now on his music than a career in basketball. Zach was formerly a singer in a southern rock band called Sweet Like Mafia and has made a name for himself touring the small “chitllin” circuits of the south.

With tracks from record producer T.H.X (Snoop, Busta, MIA and The Game), Audio-Ology has put together an infectious, melodic sound. As writers and producers themselves their music incorporates elements from their influences Jay Z, Coldplay, N.E.R.D., Green Day, and Slum Village just to name a few. Audio-OLogy has several songs geared towards women and dealing with their day to day relationships with them. Airing their Dirty Laundry, their Likes, Dislikes, Break ups and Make ups Audio-Ology brings it all together in a clever remarkable manner.

The group’s debut single, “Pretty Girls” incorporates hyper-active beats and a complex rhythm pattern which catches the listener off guard. “Pretty Girls” will be one of the most contagious singles of the summer. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself humming it long after you’ve been infected.
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Still working on that hot first release.





Audiology (n): the treatment and cure of hearing defects

AUDIO-OLOGY (n): musical duo which combines both hip-hop and rock into one groundbreaking package, featuring Detroit native Chaz Logan and Louisiana-born Zach Goyne; also a treatment and cure for what ails the music industry

“Music is the universal language,” says Zach, a tattooed Cajun whose own tastes growing up in Monroe, LA, included a love for southern gospel (especially Elvis Presley), country and rock before discovering hip-hop as a teenager. “Everyone hears the same sound. That’s the direction we’re trying to go.”

“What we’re doing is something so innovative, it will shock the world,” adds Chaz, brought up on the Motown classics “stacked four-feet-tall on the record player,” he’d sing and dance to after a full day at church with his grandmothers, both of whom worked at the legendary label. “The way the two worlds mesh in the writing is incredible. Some of the songs just come from left-field, the product of Zach’s brain along with mine, two different worlds coming together to make some crazy music.”

Audio-Ology is the resulting musical mash-up, combining both Chaz and Zach’s roots in the church, with a love of both hip-hop and rock, a blend of backgrounds that results in the perfect post-Obama melting pot. The two met shortly after Zach arrived in L.A., just three days of Hurricane Katrina.

One of the first songs they wrote together, “Pretty Girls,” Audio-Ology’s debut single, is a perfect example of the collaboration, a combination of hip-hop verses and rock choruses, the two effortlessly trading lines like they’ve been doing this all their lives, which in many ways, they have, just not together.

Chaz is a prolific songwriter/producer who usually initiates the creative process by excitedly yelling into the phone, “Yo Zach! I got this song,” and the rest takes shape from there. According to Chaz, “Pretty Girls” was inspired by listening to Asher Roth “Be By Myself.” “It inspired me, so I sat at home and came up with the line, ‘I’ve got a problem/Say I’m always chasing the pretty girls.’ No beat, no instruments, just the lyrics and melody.”

“I’ve never sung anybody’s lyrics before in my life, but I’m cool with everything Chaz comes up with, and whatever I write, he’s cool jumping on that,” says Zach, who was in successful regional rock bands like Fallstaff and Sweetlake Mafia, the latter named after a group of friends who’d tag alligators in the Lake Charles area for the local college, helping assess how many were left in the pond after a hurricane would drive them inland.

“Miss Red Dress” is a frenzied club-floor hip-hop rocker that Chaz came up with. “It’s about the one girl in the club that everyone wants,” he says. “And when you’re a pretty woman wearing a red dress, you get all the attention.”

You can hear the old-school Motown and doo-wop influences in “Baby Comeback,” with its lyrical references to Aquafina hairspray and its piano, tambourine and vibes referencing classics like “Where Did Our Love Go?” and “I Hear a Symphony.”

“That’s what makes our music touch such a broad atmosphere,” says Chaz, perhaps the only guy on his block with a high-top fade, Cazal sunglasses and an airbrushed blue jean jacket to have a love for Jay-Z, Ice Cube and Common, as well as the Beatles and the Supremes. “There’s a plethora of songs where you can’t pinpoint any one style. And that’s our goal…to be this group that can do anything tastefully when it comes to music.”

“We try not to categorize ourselves,” agrees Zach. “Melody is what it’s about for us. Audio-Ology’s music isn’t black or white… It’s two souls joining as one.”

Chaz came up with the rocking anthem “Don’t Walk Away” in the midst of a ruptured romance.

“We just jumped on that and it came out clean,” marvels Chaz.

With radio formats so tightly controlled and pop music so formulaic, Audio-Ology represents a breath of fresh air, a reflection of how today’s generation is more colorblind than ever when it comes to music and culture...which is all the more reason why Chaz and Zach have chosen to sign with indie Eklektic Entertainment, rather than a major label, for their debut.

“It’s a better look for us,” admits Chaz. “We have a strong team around us, one of the hardest-working in this industry. And that’s why things are moving at the speed they are. Zach and I have both been in plenty of situations where we could’ve signed major record deals. We know what our worth is, which is why we decided to wait and do this the right way. Eklektic saw the vision we had as musicians to succeed. When a major signs you, everyone is ready to change what you do to sound like whoever’s hot at the time. We like to do what we feel, which is why this is the right place for us.”

“There are only two kinds of music, good and bad,” states Zach. “What brought us together was the idea of wanting to play the best music and do the best we could doing