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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Audio-ology Talks "Pretty Girls""

"The song fuses classy swagger and a modern sense of attitude, making for an undeniably infectious anthem about every musician's favorite subject—"Pretty Girls!" However, the track is only a prelude of the genre-melding goodness set to come on Audio-ology's forthcoming full-length debut Dirty Laundry. Audio-ology won't be airing their Dirty Laundry until 2011 officially, but this is the perfect intro of what's to come."
- by Editor Rick Florino

"First Listen: Audio-ology's "Pretty Girls""

"We can't stop listening to the fantastic new track by Audio-ology, "Pretty Girls," which recalls an early Outkast with a throwback rock edge (think: Gym Class Heroes)." - Poison Ivy

"Audio-ology "Jump In The Mix""

"Is today's music industry sick? Many seem to think so, but no one has stepped forward with a theory on how it's to be treated... until now. Experts in the science of Audio-Ology, Detroit-bred songwriter/producer Chaz Logan and Louisiana-born emcee Zach Coyne have mixed hip-hop, rock, soul, gospel and even country up into an eclectically dope brand of musical medicine sure to leave the game rejuvenated, and soothe listeners' eardrums to boot. Introduced to the Booth via Motown-informed banger “Pretty Girls,” the Los Angeles residents are currently preparing for the 2011 release of debut full-length Dirty Laundry, a project they're confident will be nothing less than a complete game-changer."

- DJ Booth


Debut single "Pretty Girls" is available on iTunes

Debut EP coming soon on Eklektic Entertainment



Audio-ology is the resulting musical mash-up, combining both Chaz and Zach’s roots in the church, with a love of both hip-hop and rock, a blend of backgrounds that results in the perfect post-Obama melting pot. The two met shortly after Zach arrived in L.A., just three days after Hurricane Katrina. Chaz usually comes up with the beats and music, while Zach writes most of the lyrics and collaborates on the melodies.

“What we’re doing is something so innovative, the music world’s never heard anything quite like it,” adds Chaz, brought up on the Motown classics “stacked four-feet-tall on the record player,” he’d sing and dance to after a full day at church with his grandmothers, both of whom worked at the legendary label. “The way the two worlds mesh in the writing is incredible. Some of the songs just come from left-field, the product of Zach’s brain along with mine, two different worlds coming together to make some crazy music.”

One of the first songs they wrote together, “Pretty Girls,” Audio-ology’s debut single, is a perfect example of the collaboration, a combination of hip-hop verses and rock choruses, the two effortlessly trading lines like they’ve been doing this all their lives, which in many ways, they have, just not together.

According to Chaz, “Pretty Girls” was inspired by listening to Asher Roth “Be By Myself.” “It inspired me, so I sat at home and came up with the line, ‘I’ve got a problem/Say I’m always chasing the pretty girls.’ No beat, no instruments, just the lyrics and melody.”

“There are only two kinds of music, good and bad,” states Zach. “What brought us together was the idea of wanting to play the best music and do the best we could doing that.”