Bon Jovi meets the Rolling Stones in Audiophile's ROCKIN lyrics and hot guitar solos. Lead singer Aeric Leigh gets the crowd hyped with well made songs, like "Tonight" and does justice to covers such as "Summer of 69" and "It's My Life."


Audiophile released their debut self titled album as a self financed release last year (2005), and they come from the United States. The main man behind this band is Aeric Leigh, who did all the vocals and keyboards whenever and wherever the band uses them. This album has 10 tracks and can be described as melodic rock with progressive touches. The guitar work is very good and the guitar riffs really nice. Also the production and the sound are really good. Last but not least the band works a lot and the compositions are really well worked. If you like rock music and you want to hear something interesting and something fresh you can hear the stuff from Audiophile.


"Tonight" - Released 2005

Set List




"Summer of 69"
"It's My Life"