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Lake Geneva area, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Lake Geneva area, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Hard Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Battle of the Bands Hits High Note: Audiophilia Grabs $2,000 Top Prize"

Deacon Mills Park turned into a downsized 'Summerfest' last Saturday when rock ruled by Big Green for this year's Battle of the Bands.
Six bands drew hundreds of fans throughout the afternoon and evening of August 15.
The BOB was another triumph of local entertainment for residents and tourists, sponsored by the Shoreline Boat Center as well as coordinators, the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.
Battle of the Bands was a real cookout not only to music fans but admirers of powerful poultry.
While groups shone on the Starlite Stage, smoke rose from contestants in a new-for-this-year amateur chicken wing-eating contest, courtesy of Brakebush Chicken, won by Jerry Dowen of Berlin.
Dowen grabbed the title for best bird along with a trophy and a $50 Chamber Bucks gift certificate.
Music-wise, two-round judging for rock star hopefuls led to total votes awarding Audiophilia winner of the Battle of the Bands' $2,000 prize.
Veterans of Summerfest, the Rave, and the Miramar Theatre, Audiophilia scorched Big Green's lakeside with two sizzling sets.
The southern Wisconsin rockers tapped a play list from classic to "nu" rock, hitting the excitement button on covers ranging from Scorpions to Slipknot.
Second-place went to power trio The Last 3 Flavors, which led the pack of remaining contestants Dover Court, Forever No More, Pam the Bear, and Strategic.
The Last 3 Flavors put on a sharp show that clearly demonstrated their love of music, which put a smile on the faces of numerous fans.
The Battle of the Bands' combo of professionalized panel judging and responses of the people went to evaluate different performance aspects such as musicianship, technique, and stage presence.
Overall, the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce kicked out the jams with another victory for local promotion, with event proceeds going to further the Chamber's mission: getting the word out about Big Green and its regional community.
For more information about the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce, as well as future events in the local area, call (920) 294-3231.

By Tony Daley - Green Lake Reporter

"Local rock band to perform at Navy Pier"

A Walworth County rock band went into the heart of Highland Park to take on the challenge of the Bitter Jester Battle of Bands and, on July 4, came within a whisper of beating a local favorite.

Instead, Audiophilia had to settle for second.

The margin between first and second was so close, however, that the Audiophilia members said they want to sign up for next year's Bitter Jester battle.

The four-member group from southern Walworth County includes Chase Albrecht of Genoa City, lead guitar; Lindsey Rae "Lynzi" Hayes of Elkhorn, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Kayla "Wrukus" Wruk of Lake Geneva, bass and backup vocals; and Cj (Seejay) Gochanour of Elkhorn, drums.

All four are out of high school and are also under 20.

But don't let age fool anyone. These musicians are also graduates of the former School of Rock 'n Roll, Williams Bay, and Rock Central, Lake Geneva.

Chase is now an instructor at Rock Central.

They're also members and former members of other bands that have played locally.

Lindsey was a member of Chalk, Chase played for a three-man cover band called Headless 10-Speeders,' and Cj played for Burnt Brass and Slightly Used.

All four are committed to music and to making Audiophilia successful.

"I've been putting my focus on the band," said Chase, who has been playing guitar for nine years. And, if that falls through, he still wants to do something in music.

Lindsey said she's planning on taking courses at Madison Media Institute to learn band management.

Cj already attends the institute.

Kayla plans to take music performance at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in stand up bass. However, she's gaining experience now, acting as manager, booking agent and sometimes-treasurer for the band.

Rock Central students

Audiophilia started two years ago. Chase, who joined last year, is kind of the newcomer.

Asked where the band name came from, Cj said the band members were discussing various "philias," and settled on Audiophilia as their band name.

"We really like sound. Bold italics," Cj said.

Bitter Jester sounds like the name for a local bar, but it's a video, audio and photography production company headquartered in Highland Park.

Nic DeGrazia, a co-founder of Bitter Jester and the Bitter Jester Battle of the Bands, said this was the 11th year for the program. He said Bitter Jester is trying to reach out beyond Illinois to bring in talented acts from Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa, as well.

"We focus on the 13-to-19 age range," DeGrazia said in a telephone interview. "There are not a lot of performance venues for teens."

DeGrazia said 25 bands were part of this year's battle. The bands were divided into four groups. One group each played on each of the four Fridays in June. A panel of judges selected by Bitter Jester selected winners from each of the weekends.

Along with the winners, four "wildcard" bands were selected to compete in the finals.

Lindsey said Audiophilia was contacted by Bitter Jester to apply for a spot in the battle.

On June 17, Audiophilia took its sounds to Port Clinton Square in Highland Park and won their spot for the July 4 finals.

Chase and Lindsey said the competition was intense.

"It was a tough competition, every band that competed on our night was great," said Chase.

Lindsey said she was surprised they won.

Hard rock

Lindsey said the competing bands played a wide variety of music, from blues to rhythm and blues, to reggae to hard rock. Audiophilia was the only one in the hard rock category, she said.

What's more, Audiophilia puts on a stage show to go with the music, which might have also tipped the judges in their favor, she said.

During the June competitions, the bands tended to stick with each other, focusing on their impending performances. There wasn't much interaction, Lindsey said.

Lindsey said she believed that Audiophilia was the only Wisconsin band in the finals.

Chase said the band had about 20 fans, family and friends in the crowd providing morale support. He said his grandmother gained entrance by slipping through a locked fence. Chase said his grandmother is very supportive of his music.

As the final competition at Wolter Field, Highland Park, was drawing to a close, it appeared that Audiophilia won over many in the crowd of 1,000.

Fans cheering for their favorite band decided the winner, with the judges using a decibel meter to determine the champion.

And it was close, DeGrazia said. The fan appreciation for both bands was so loud that the judges had to take three different readings before a winner could be announced.

Overall, Audiophilia missed a first by just four decibels, DeGrazia said. To give an idea of how close that was, rustling leaves on a quiet afternoon registers at 20 decibels, according to

While not as sweet as first place, Audiophilia did get a second place package that included five hours of free studio time, $250 in cash and gift certificates.

Interviewed on Saturday morning, Lindsey said Audiophilia was scheduled to perform at The Red Zone in Madison. It's one of their favorite venues, she said.

But on July 17 or 24, Audiophilia will again head south of the border to perform at Navy Pier with the other seven Bitter Jester finalists.

Lindsey said the band is looking forward to the Navy Pier gig. "It's great on your resume," she said. - Lake Geneva Regional News

"Indie Music Album Reviews: Audiophilia - Slapdash"

Audiophilia is a band from Wisconsin comprised of Lynzi Hayes (lead vocals), Chase Albrecht (guitar), Cj Gochanour (drums) and Kayla Wrukus (bass/vocals). The band mentions on their Bandcamp page for their four song EP Slapdash that they are teenagers. Taking that into account their music sounds age appropriate. The four members who are quite talented play angsty, metal that is often too serious for its own good and is for sure something I would have appreciated a little more in my younger years.

That being said I still appreciate four musicians who are technically sound and creative and you can’t deny them that. The band is extremely tight and in the pocket more so than a lot of other bands I have heard recently. I have to give it up to Gochanour who has some sick skills on the drums.

The band gets going with a heavy hitter entitled “Trapped.” Hayes has a great voice for the genre and has some similarities to Paramore and Evanescence. It’s a catchy, adrenaline filled song. The lyrics do fall into metal tropes. She sings, “You are stuck living in this eternity. / No way we're getting out, as far as I can see. / Understand why this change of pace cannot be. / No one else here is taking care of me.”

​Up next is “Nowhere To Go” which contains another extremely tight performance. The band is on point and quite dynamic from the rumbling toms to the intense guitar solo. “Teach Me” lies somewhere between Tool and Alice In Chains while the closer “Only Hope” out of nowhere has a Van Halen vibe. The Van Halen vibe doesn't last long but that's what I was initially thinking.

Slapdash is a solid effort from a young band that has a lot of potential. Who knows whether they will stick with it or not but only time will tell. - No More Division

"Local Band of the Day"

Local Band of the Day:
Audiophilia - Welcome Audiophilia from the southern Wisconsin School of Rock. An audiophile is one who listens to high fidelity equipment solely for the quality of reproduction. Very clever band name! These 4 teenagers -- ranging from 17-18 years old -- give us all hope that a musical torch worth bearing will be carried on for years to come. They met at the School of Rock program in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, now known as Rock Central. They played together there before branching out to form the current lineup. They have a unique blend of two females and two males with individual styles all their own. Fronted by Lynzi Hayes with Kayla Wrukus on bass and back up vocals, Audiophilia is rounded out by CJ and Chase. Kayla definitely stands out with a tall and colorful mohawk straight from the days of punk. So how does she get her hair to stay up? Secret weapon: Elmer's washable glue.
Audiophilia has seen a lot of success in their short time together, highlighted by a first place finish at the 2015 St. Thomas and Green Lake Battle of the Bands. Trumping even that in high caliber accomplishments, though, was winning the WSMA Launchpad Battle of the Bands for a spot on the 2015 Milwaukee Vans Warped Tour stop. They've been racking up the miles around Milwaukee with a stop at the Johnson Controls Stage at Summerfest this past year.
Mainly a cover band to start, they tackle bands like Slipknot, Metallica and Black Sabbath. Currently growing and taking the next step as a band, they are recording their first untitled EP of original music at the Madison Media Institute. They're certainly in good hands with Sean McMahon and Chris Vrenna mixing. I'm really curious to hear the rest of the EP after listening to the grunge-driven teenage angst demo "Trapped" on their Reverbnation page.
It was refreshing to hear from such a youthful group that their mission is "... to create a group focused on spreading the love of great music and facilitating an emotional escape from the stressors of life." If only we heard such an honest answer like this from more of our musicians of today. These kids have good heads on their shoulders and probably an even better fan group backing them up. Be sure to check them out and support the future of music.
‪#‎lbotd‬, ‪#‎supportlocalmusic‬, ‪#‎midwestmayhem‬, ‪#‎rocknroll‬, ‪#‎wisconsin‬ - Midwest Mayhem Promotions and Booking

"The Young Rockers of Audiophilia"

Audiophilia, a teenage band out of Wisconsin performing covers of classic and heavy rock music, have recently been working their way up to the spotlight. This group features Lynzi Hayes showcasing powerhouse vocals, A.J. Grefsheim shredding electrifying guitar solos, Cj Gochanour pounding out drum beats, and Kayla Wrukus brewing up bass lines. These Southern Wisconsin musicians, ranging from ages 15 to 18, have been out performing for less than six months together as a group, yet have reserved spots at venues such as Summerfest, The Rave/Eagles Ballroom, and The Miramar Theatre.

The band began when Lynzi, Cj, and Kayla met at a music program called Rock Central in Williams Bay, WI. The school gives kids lessons on how to play songs and books them to perform at venues around the area. After venturing away from the program, they wanted to start their own band. That’s when they found A.J. on Craigslist. After agreeing that everyone was a good fit, they had to come up with a name. After pondering it for months, Cj began researching audiophile equipment. He began playing with the word and the outcome seemed to fit well.

Audiophilia is a classic/hard rock cover band and play artists such as Black Sabbath, Cheap Trick, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Green Day, etc. As they begin writing their own music, they’ll most likely stick to these roots. There seems to be difficulty focusing on writing one song at a time. Because of this, they have yet complete an original, which is something they’d like to change. They have the motivation to take that next step, but just don’t have the requirements. And no, they will NOT resort to having a label write for them.

“As a band of teenagers in a small area, we’re very thankful to have been given some great opportunities. We are really looking forward to playing at Summerfest on July 2nd. That’s such a big accomplishment for us and should be able to give that good push to focus on writing our own music. We’d love to have a full album and tour in the future,” says Lynzi of Audiophilia.

Although they have numerous shows under their belts, Bands Battling Cancer at The Alley in Highwood, IL was one that really stuck out in their minds. They took 1st place in the competition and received great crowd response. They’d enjoy playing their again soon.

“Even though we’ve only been together for six months, we’ve grown to be better musicians and performers.” Some artists you can hear them perform include Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Cheap Trick, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and many more! The band is currently working on originals and searching for more gigs to play.

by Kyle Fitzgerald and Lynzi from Audiophilia - Bluestribute Entertainment

"Premiere: Audiophilia's Debut EP 'Slapdash'"

Your Friday could definitely use a little rock’n’roll, and that’s exactly what we’re about to deliver. Wisconsin based group Audiophilia is giving us an exclusive first spin of their debut EP Slapdash, a day ahead of its release.

What started as a class at a non-profit music school turned into more when the four members of Audiophilia decided to venture out together as a band. From playing cover songs and winning countless contests to releasing original material and playing a date of last year’s Vans Warped Tour, there’s nothing about the rock act that doesn’t scream “potential”. Check out Slapdash below, and pick up your copy of the collection tomorrow (4/9)! - idobi Radio

"Interview and Presentation: Audiophilia"

We would like to present you @AUDIOPHILIA

We proudly present you a short interview and band presentation:

1. Where are you from and what's the origin of your band/artist name?

AUDIOPHILIA: Audiophilia is from the Lake Geneva, WI area. We like to play near Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison.

2. Introduce shortly your band members and history

AUDIOPHILIA: The band includes 4 members: Lynzi Hayes (vocals/rhythm guitar), Chase Albrecht (lead guitar), Kayla Wrukus (bass/back-up vocals), and Cj Gochanour (drums). All current members met at Williams Bay, Wisconsin's School of Rock program, now known as Rock Central of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There, they played together as a group and eventually branched out to form their own band, Audiophilia.

3. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

AUDIOPHILIA: Audiophilia produces a hard rock sound with influences of artists like Soundgarden, Metallica, and The Pretty Reckless. As of right now, the majority of our material are personalized covers, but we're gradually releasing originals.

4. What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

AUDIOPHILIA: Topics of our songs are usually based around religion, love, and self-struggle.

5. Where have you already performed and do you have any upcoming shows?

AUDIOPHILIA: Audiophilia has performed at venues such as The Rave (Milwaukee, WI), Vans Warped Tour (Milwaukee, WI), The Miramar Theatre (Milwaukee, WI), Soldiers Field (Chicago, IL), and many more. Some upcoming shows include The Green Lake Battle of the Bands in Green Lake, WI (Aug. 15th), The Locker Room in Madison, WI (Aug. 21st), and The Walworth County Fair in Elkhorn, WI (Sep. 6th).

6. Any last words?

AUDIOPHILIA: Our debut EP will be released hopefully sometime in August or September. You can follow us at,, and

Lynzi from Audiophilia - Rock Metal Network

"Talent hunter notices area band's 'passion'"

Kerry Oliver knows a thing or two about bands.

Her son was a co-founder of the band ColdFusion.

In a recent telephone interview, Oliver said she worked as a publicist for ColdFusion and along the way learned the ins and outs of the music business.

She’s now sharing that knowledge with other artists. Oliver is a founder of the nonprofit Green Kite Records, headquartered in Phoenix, which hunts down talented bands and offers them a chance at success.

One of Green Kite’s most recent inductees is Audiophilia, a four-member local band with members from Lake Geneva, Elkhorn and Genoa City.

Audiophilia was one of just three bands selected from the Midwest region, Oliver said. She said she could also tell that the Lake Geneva area has programs that support young artists and give them venues to perform.

“That’s where you find the biggest talent,” she said.

Came to Lake Geneva

Band-member Lindsey Rae “Lynzi” Hayes said Green Kite contacted Audiophilia. Representatives of Green Kite came to Lake Geneva in June where they auditioned the band at Rock Central, Hayes said.

Hayes said she was told Audiophilia was one of three Milwaukee-area bands who were invited to Green Kite’s mentoring program.

The two-year-old, four-member band are Chase Albrecht of Genoa City, lead guitar; Hayes of Elkhorn, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Kayla “Wrukus” Wruk of Lake Geneva, bass and backup vocals; and Cj (Seejay) Gochanour of Elkhorn, drums.

Will keep busy

Meanwhile, Audiophilia promises to keep busy and continue to raise money to become a touring band.

According to Hayes, Audiophilia will be at Arcadia Bar and Grill, located in the Baymont Hotel, Delavan, for its first annual battle of the bands. On Saturdays Oct. 1, 8 and 15, three bands will compete each evening.

Crowd voting will select one winner each night. The winners of those three Saturday contests will advance to the finals Oct. 22.

The grand prize winner, also picked by crowd vote, will win a slot to play the bar’s Oct. 29 Halloween party, as well as $2,500. - Lake Geneva Regional News


Slapdash EP (2016)
   - Trapped
   - Teach Me
   - Nowhere to Go
   - Only Hope



Audiophilia is a hard rock/heavy metal group consisting of five members between the ages of 19 and 21. Beginning as a classic rock cover band, they have grown to performing mainly originals. Their debut 4 track EP, Slapdash, is now available on physical and digital platforms. They are currently working on their first full-length album, which is planned for release in 2019 and has already received positive feedback during their live unreleased songs. An audience can expect familiar tunes as well as these refreshing tracks.

"... there's nothing about the rock act that doesn't scream 'potential'" - Emillie Marvel, idobi Radio

The group was founded after meeting at Rock Central, a non-profit community music school providing students with the tools to play live. After experiencing the thrill of on-stage performance, they ventured out to form a band of their own.

"The southern Wisconsin rockers tapped a play list from classic to 'nu' rock hitting the excitement button..." - Tony Daley, Green Lake Reporter

The award winning musicians have played at known Midwest venues such as Summerfest (Milwaukee), Warped Tour (Milwaukee), The Rave (Milwaukee), Navy Pier (Chicago), and many more! They’ve collected numerous first place prizes from battle of the bands competitions and made a name for themselves in the local scene.

Band Members