Audio Shaman

Audio Shaman


Marrying acoustic gypsy scales and broken beats with smoothly integrated electronic world-sounds provides for a broad sonic palette and a dense layer of language, culture and tradition. The Music is a descriptive diary of thoughts, emotions and human relationships - a melodic image of travelling.


From the Australian East Coast, to the venues of London, the metros of Paris and the clubs of Mumbai, India, Audio Shaman had been on a journey through musical styles, studying and absorbing the origins of music in a wide range of cultures.
"I’m still not sure what the final outcome will be", says Paul George Flamenco guitarist "but it feels like a journey to discover the way music from different cultures can blend with each other to form something unique and complete."
It’s been a long journey for a lad from Surfers Paradise who took up the guitar at 11 years old. His Unique take on flamenco guitar has since been featured on a large array of compilation albums including Cafe Delmar, Ministry of Sound and Art of Zen.
Under Paul’s guitar lies a bed of ambient and lounge production spear headed by the other half of the act Carey O'Sullivan “although I have a hand in the production and writing”. Says Paul. “When things get to technical it's usually Carey who gives it Clarity“.
“I never thought of making a living from music” Carey says. But I’ve ended up doing nothing else my entire life , now nothing else could satisfy me. “
What satisfies today is a journey both physical and musical through Australia, Europe and Asia and the opportunity to play in such widely diverse environments as clubs in Britain, the rainforests in Goa, in southern India, and now (for a while at least) back home in Australia.
Audio Shamans music moves stylishly from Middle Eastern and Latin sound scapes using classical guitar to more familiar western sounds of Ambient and hip hop beats. And it seems to happen without effort as one reviewer has written: Paul’s fingers slither tastefully over Gypsy scales and broken beats.
With an extraordinary proficiency in a wide range of styles has come a clear focus and the search for a lifestyle to suit their desire to travel has ended.
What hasn’t ended is the exploration of music, its origins and the endless possibilities. Culminated in there debut release “welcome traveller” Produced and written while on the road between France, London, Australia and India. The album shows the diverse influence Traveling has given their music and with it’s laid back and “cool” feel it’s guaranteed to chill the stress out of anyone.


Debut Album 'Welcome Traveller' to be released by One World Music on September 4 2007.

Set List

2 x 1hr sets or 1 x 1hr 30mins
Set List - All originals
Desert Pea
Cafe Beluga
Usclat Demileu
Ordinary Girl
Largest Lounge
Sawdust Saloon
I Love the Sun
The Wedding Song