Audiosonika is a music group formed in Barcelona (Spain) in 2010. Its leader, German Barrera, is a singer, composer and producer and has a long experience as a musician playing the guitar, the bass, and the double bass. Along his career, he has played with artists from the famous Fania All-Starts as Andy MontaƱez and Papo Sanchez, as well as with other great musicians like Ismael Miranda and Andres Cepeda.

The music of Audiosonika is strongly influenced by jazz, rock, funk, groove, pop and a


Audiosonika is a music group led by German Barrera and founded in Barcelona in 2010. The group members are international musicians (Colombia, Chile, Spain) with a solid music background and having studied in the best music schools of those countries.

They came to Barcelona few years ago to get to know the Spanish artistic atmosphere, to learn new rhythms, to get in touch with local trends and to offer their best music. They met and, after a creation process and deep observation of the music scene, they decided to form Audiosonika.

The group has been playing mainly around Spain. Now that their debut album, Instinto Original, is on the market they want to promote their international career and share their music with a bigger audience.


Instinto Original