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Audio Spaghetti

Hays, Kansas, United States

Hays, Kansas, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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""Audio in Action""

Hays and MTV haven't been mentioned seriously in the same sentence, paragraph, essay, article or major literary work since the heyday of the American Hi Fi Video.* But because of the burgeoning success of a local band, the wind-battered micropolis and head honcho of American pop culture are speaking to one another again.

When Brendan Arnold, the bassist and manager for local rock band Audio Spaghetti, received a call from a music coordinator for MTV ... well, he had reason to be skeptical.

Two reasons, actually: (A) Opportunity rarely knocks; you typically have to chase it down with a machete and bludgeon it into submission and (B) before this call, Brendan's bandmate Jared Miller, the band's new guitarist, had been f***ing with him.

"I prank-called Brendan and said I was a label executive from Geffen Records," Jared recalls.

Snickering lead singer Jacob Tabler cuts in: "Brendan was like (Jacob's voice becomes high-pitched and manic like a Ren & Stimpy character) 'yeah, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.'"

Brendan: "I wasn't like that."

Whatever the case, the voice on the other end of the line claiming to be at MTV was legit. She had heard Audio Spaghetti on the Internet and was interested in licensing their music, their entire 2006 debut album, Take Control. A signing of the contract and some celebration later, they had a deal.

In the next few weeks, the guys' music will be heard on MTV's reality television show NEXT. At what point in what episode, how long the song(s) will play and which: the band doesn't exactly know. They also have a shot at being played on other MTV programs and station affiliates like FUSE and Nickelodeon.

"It's been a long road," Brendan says, "but things are starting to pay off and look up. It's starting to become more professional and look more realistic."

Perhaps an even better litmus test for success came from a middle-aged man they call Charlie Brown, who gleefully shook his full black, anachronistic mane of hair at the band's latest concert at the Fox. Brown had heard them play years ago and was now hearing them again for the first time.

Jacob: "He said 'you guys sounded like shit back then, but you sound great now.'"

The criteria for success are infinite.

n n n

Only three months and some change into 2007, and Audio Spaghetti's already had a big, prolific, surprising year.

In addition to the MTV deal, the three-piece has become a four-piece, adding Jared into the mix, who's discovered, quite quickly, the old adage, wearing black shades and playing guitar in a rock band will get you laid, is in fact true.

Brendan: "Jared's been in the band for only a month and a half and he's already gotten laid."

Jared: "There were other factors ... don't put that in the story."

The guys have also played at the Fox Pavilion's first full-blown rock concert, written what they consider to be their best song to date (the jam-session-born "Look Ahead") and bought a mammoth white 1985 Chevrolet van, which they'll need for their tour across the midwest (their first interstate tour) this summer.

It's a busy, prolific time for the band, one that deserves detail. But first let's rewind the battered VHS of Audio Spaghetti's existence, all the way back to their birth around September-ish of 2003 when Jacob, Jason and Brendan started a cover band. They began to play gigs. They covered Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Sublime at house parties, local bars. They eventually expanded their reach, performing at places like the Salina River Festival, at a hippiefest called Dogstock, in the backyards and parks and dives and other venues burgeoning bands will play. They traveled to places as big as Manhattan (Kan.), as minute as Dighton (they've yet to make it out of the state, though they did try to make it to Nebraska one time but failed because of car troubles). And somewhere along the way they began to write their own music.

n n n

It was an eclectic mix of genres and personalities. Brendan, the laid-back, funky hippie who just "doesn't do socks." Jacob, at the time, the zealous punk rocker with the righteous punk belt (third founding member/drummer Josh Fellers was not available for the interview and was described as the basketball-player-dressing guy who brought the hip-hop influence).

Brendan: "We really looked up to each other as musicians, and we had a lot of chemistry even though we had different influences."

Punk, funk, hip-hop, rock.

Jacob interlocks his fingers: "We tangled everything up like spaghetti." (get it?)

And to this day, the band doesn't like to be pegged in any one genre. "We just call it (the music) catchy and fun," Brendan says.

n n n

Back to the whole success thing. There are so many definitions.

"We've become pretty seasoned," says Brendan, "played a lot of shows. I can't even count the number of shows we've played."

It's paid off. Throughout the state, Audio Spaghetti has developed a broad and diverse fan base. In addition to travel, the various means of the Internet, especially Myspace, have blown open the doors of exposure for the band, helping them to get spots on radio stations in metro areas and become household names in more places than their hometowns.

But now that that elusive devil called opportunity has come knocking, the guys are in that middle zone, that tenuous purgatory where they're making enough money to almost be making a living but not quite. Soon, perhaps, they say.

When asked what success meant to them, their answer wasn't bling, bitches or riches (I might have the wrong cliche here) but simply more time. They collectively define success as "being able to quit our day jobs."

Brendan is the assistant manager and talent booker for Semolino's. Jared serves at Gella's. Josh works at Yellow Truck in Great Bend. Jacob's been a Jack of all Trades for Domino's Pizza for three years, doing everything from delivery to answering the phone to fixing trailers and other activity not becoming of a lead singer who'll soon be heard on television's grandest music station.

They want more time for their music, more time for life.

Jared: "When I knock the day jobs, that'll be perfect."

Brendan: "If I could make rent and my cell phone bills ... "

Jacob: "I would be content doing music for a living in any way shape or form."

The criteria for success are infinite. And perhaps MTV isn't a bad start. - The Stir

"Taxi Reviews"

-"Know What I Mean"-

I really enjoyed listening to your music! I hear a little Beatles influence on that catchy chorus and in the production. Mixing that with the rap-style verse creates a fresh blend that is working well...

The vocal on the verses is right on the money and your lyrics put your message across well. You've got a great radio-friendly pop style.

-"What You Want"-

This is a really enjoyable listen. Not something I hear everyday. Your influences are a great mix of styles and i gives you a unique sound... guys are something special - great musicianship! - TAXI

"Audio Spaghetti Takes Control"

They just released their new pop/funk/metal album “Take Control.” Twelve songs make up this CD comprised of simple lyrics and strong music.

This band has solid roots in old-school early ’90s rock. It’s very much like old 311 with a slight pinch of Incubus and a hint of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Other critics are calling it the “new radio friendly genre.” They have had a single released to local stations 107.9 and 92.7.

They play very tight; in other words they play well together. They know how to feed off of one another, and all their songs flow smoothly. These guys have strong musicianship. They know what they’re doing, and that makes them promising....

...Audio Spaghetti has been around for several years and luckily they’re still here, and they’re still going at it. They’ve played in almost every venue in Hays, and in many venues across the Midwest. The local music scene in the area has gotten better, but can only improve with bands like this that try hard to make it somewhere. - FHSU University Leader

"Get this in your ears!"

Audio Spaghetti is downright amazing. I found it browsing through and decided to purchase their album. I recieved the CD in three days. These guys know how to be a band and work together. If you haven't heard all of their songs you are in for a treat! They sure are a talented trio. They have all fine-tuned their skills to an amazing degree. I recommend that everyone buys this CD as soon as possible. If anyone is looking for a new sound this is the band that has it. It is not that often that someone could obtain such a high quality CD for such an incredible price! Many bands come and go, but I am sure Audio Spaghetti will make a mark and stand through time. - CDBaby


"Take Control" 2006 : Full length debut album

Self-titled "EP" 2008 : Digital-only.

*TV / Film licensing opportunities include placements on MTV, ABC, CBS, + the Discovery Channel.

*current radio schedule available upon request.



Audio Spaghetti has been performing and touring for 6 years. Throughout that time they have appeared everywhere from venues to clubs, festivals, the Vans Warped Tour, and live television and radio shows. You've also heard their music on the MTV, ABC, Discovery, and CBS networks.
Audio Spaghetti's approach at songwriting is recognizable and powerful. Their groove-oriented songs are executed with a refreshing new approach in today's music. They are definitely one of the talked-about independent acts with powerful songs, catchy hooks, and great performances.