Audio's Pain

Audio's Pain

 Murcia, Murcia, ESP

Indie rock band with electronic touches.


Mind, Body & Soul (But Money) is Audio’s Pain’s third album. It’s been in production for the last two years during a long tour which took them throughout Spain as well as Germany and China and maintains its indie rock base with electronic blends and strong melodic vocals.

Led by Ruben Meyers, the Murcian 5 bring us 13 songs and a bonus track. The album boasts a variety of rock, sometimes more industrial (Ignition) and at others more pop (Song for a freak orgy), even blending dubstep at beats (Bubbles vs Thorns), but always atmospheric and melodic. Némesis or Farewell Song are clearly two songs the group have put their heart and
soul into, and Lullaby is an unusually structured song, with an absolute epic ending.

But without a doubt it’s the songs “119db (on a plane crash!)”, “I can’t stand it” and “Beautiful Life” which, with the most up-to-date indie rock, captivate the listener and recruit him to the cause. Capable of bringing together guitar sounds which are, on some occasions, atmospheric from the very 70s, and on others deeper and sweatier examples of the 90s in Seattle, whilst others are post Britpop with catchy melodies and samplers which stay in the mind and, without knowing why, you keep humming days later.

The artwork of the record is worth a special mention, from the hand of the magnificent Kraser, Spanish artist housed in Milan, showing money to be the deceiving element for the integrity of our Mind, Body & Soul.


* Mind, Body & Soul (But Money) - LP 2011
- Videosingle:
I Can't Stand >
119Db, on a plane crash >

* Hit and Sunk - LP 2008
- VideoSingle:
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> Electric Sound Machine > ttp://
* Sexy Shapes - LP 2006