Chico, California, USA

If the ladies aren't dancing, then we are not doing our job.


2010 Cammie Nominated AUDIOTHERAPY was formed in the fall of 2003 by Lead Guitarist and Chico School of Rock "Chief" Instructor, "Jett Brohnsen." The group enjoys a line-up of seasoned professional multi-instrumentalists including, Brett Johnsen (Guitar, Korg R3/Micro-X and Vocals), Jonathon Stoyanof (Bass), and Brian Dlugoz (Drums and Synth). This dynamically energized three-piece plays several different styles of music while maintaining the all-important dance factor. With 8 years of hard work, a blistering lead guitar player, Virtuosic Berkley School of Music trained Bass player, Atomic Clock Drumming, and out of this world synthesizer/electronic percussion work, AUDIOTHERAPY consistently plays mind-blowing originals to droves of dancing people through-out the festival and club scene in Northern California. This band has re-defined the concept of no limitations. With hard hitting reggae, sweet funk, up-beat ska, psychedelic discospace dance jams, good ol' Rock & Roll, Latin Flavored dance, and a catalog of material that will last all night long, this band has never failed to captivate music lovers' hearts and imaginations where-ever they go.

Influences include: Pink Floyd, Rush, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marely and Family, Return to Forever, Frank Zappa, Tower of Power, Low Fidelity Allstars, James Brown, Les Claypool, Oysterhead, Phish, The Doors, Sublime, Talking Heads, The Slackers, Tom Petty, Steve Miller, Particle, Ozric Tentacles, The New Deal, and Lotus, just to name a few. This band pulls from many different influences to create an accessible and unique style all their own.


Latin Space Travel

Written By: Phillip Carey/Brett Johnsen

Donde vamos esta noche
Tell me where will we go
I've got that brown skin fever
Tell me what should I do with it now

Where will we go, latin space travel
tell me where will we go
where will we go, latin space travel
tell me where will we go

I just passed a galaxy 3000 miles to my right, I couldn't even pass tonite

I'm too stoned to move, tell me what shall we do

Let your hair down, relax my friends, cause it's all in your head

I'm a space traveler, every day of the week, and I'm not gonna stop tonite

Repeat verse 1

Repeat Chorus


AUDIOTHERAPY is currently in working with several studios in competition for production credits for the bands first full length debut, "studio album." The group has spent the past few years refining the combination of music and band members needed to produce an album that defines the vision of both the band, and their fans. Now at the pinacle of what they believe to be the right formula, the band is ready to imortalize its sound.

Over the last three years, AUDIOTHERAPY has amassed an extensive archive of live performances that are available here and on our other websites. These, "AUDIO-LIVE" recordings have not only prooven to be accurate testimonials to the bands true on stage chemistry, they've also found to be more than sufficient for those fans awaiting their much anticipated studio album.

Set List

12 Acres
TODAYS SUN (Reggae/Ska)
BED OF GLASS (Funk/Dance)
LATIN SPACE TRAVEL (Funk/Electronica)
BAD DAWG (Reggae/Ska)
THE DAYS TO COME (Country/Bluegrass)

2001 Space Odyssey

We adjust our setlists on the spot. We play at festivals, as well as large and small clubs. When you play such a variety of venues you have to be able to:
1. Read the crowd
2. Know when to play an original or cover
3. Know what type of original or cover to play
4. Keep downtime between songs to a minimum