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audiotransparent - self titled (full length)
audiotransparent - Nevland (full length)
audiotransparent - the friday of our lives (3" cd-single)
7" vinyl single with We vs. Death (dutch band
7" double vinyl split single with Great Lake Swimmers
audiotransparent - Chekhov Gunds (full lenght)



What would it sound like if we’d push over our record shelves and then glue the pieces back together? Chekhov guns is the result of this puzzle; the third audiotransparent record.

Together with producer Corno Zwetsloot the band took two years inside a fully analog studio (no computers used for recording!) to assemble the thirteen songs. During this process more then only record shelves toppled over. Band members got acquainted with grown up issues. Singer Bart saw his own life fall to pieces. The theme for the record can therefore be described as ‘Bits and pieces’, lyrically as well as musically. The question is whether the old dutch saying “Shards bring luck” is really true…

The group let go of the quiet, slow and melancholic spheres of the first records to work on a true, raw indiepop record. References shifted from Sparklehorse and Low to Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel and the more electronic groups like Notwist and Animal Colective. A NOW Indie-pop-record.

In the studio all habits and rules were thrown overboard. The only argument was “what works best for the song”. Even within a group of pacifistic northeners this lead to physically violent arguments. “If the 50 days in the studio weren’t expensive it was the bill for cleaning the mixing desk after a bleeding nose”. Band member and producer fired eachother more then once. “But the urge to complete the jigsaw puzzle of a vague musical picture in their heads brought everybody back around the taperecorder. Canadian friends Great Lake Swimmers joined to work together on the first single “you are a movie”. (also available as an old fashioned 7” split vinyl)

Together with bands such as LPG, Awkward I en Kim Janssen, audiotransparent shows that there’s an intersting field of high quality indie music underneath the guitarsolos and rockposes of the dutch rock tradition.

audiotransparent made their debut in 2003 with a selftitled cd en they were immediately asked by their heroes Tindersticks to join hem on tour. On ‘Nevland’ (2005) the group perfected their melancholic post-rock-pop and received laudatory reviews for it. Shows were played in Canada, Germany and Scandinavia. The late great John Peel picked them up and through new media like the dutchies found their way to thousands of music lovers. audiotransparent made memorable impressions as an emotional circus act on the dutch theatre festival Noorderzon and the on the new ‘Into the great wide open’ festival; “audiotransparent superior” – de Volkskrant. (daily newspaper)

According to the russian playwriter Anton Tsjechov a gun that’s prsented in the first act of a play must go off in the fifth. audiotransparent searches for the writings on the wall and glues the pieces togerther after the blast. After adultery (communication cord), divorce (castles), changings friendships (you are a movie), cancer (best laid plans) en death (far away) comes the love of the classic love song cover “never let her slip away”, en then it turns out that shards actually bring happiness….