AudioVine is a professional and experienced hard hitting alternative rock band playing a range of well known covers and original rock songs in the NSW Sydney and South Coast regions.


AudioVine is professional and experienced hard hitting alternative rock band that is the brainchild of well know bassman Tony Waldock who has recently returned to the local music scene.

AudioVine is a “live” band comprising of Tony Waldock on bass, Monica Lawson on rhythm guitar/main vocals, Gabe Vega on drums/vocals and Stuart Duncan on lead guitar, all professional musicians with many years of musical and entertainment experience.

Our song list is varied and can range from classic rock sets, to more up tempo rock, blues and full on rock ‘n’ roll sets specialising in some of the classics from recent rock bands like Audioslave, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Pink, U2, Melissa Etheridge, Thirsty Merc, The Vines and Screaming Jets and old favourites like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Monica Lawson ­
Main Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Monica is an experienced vocalist and an accomplished rhythm guitarist that can cover a wide range of styles from contemporary rock, rhythm and blues, country and rockabilly right through to alternative and heavy rock, Monica brings a wealth of working knowledge and “know how” to front a professional line-up like AudioVine.

Small in stature but packin’ a ‘huge’ voice Monica can play it “sweet” to create the right atmosphere for a restaurant, wedding or pet naming ceremony; but that’s like having a 351 Chevy you only drive in the supermarket car park. With a professional and talented line-up Monica owns the stage of any gig where there is an audience who want to rock.

Monica has played countless venues across the country from Hobart to Brisbane, or from Byron Bay to Bonalbo. As a soloist, in duos, trios, countless bands and, even in a swing style big band, Monica has a vocal range and musical repatoire which allows her to find the right song for the moment, venue and her audience.

Well regarded by fellow musicians Monica has worked with and/or supported Charlie Muswelwhite, Inner Circle, Steve Gilpin/Mi-Sex, The Bourkenback Boys, The Villains, Ed Kuepper and The Paladins. Monica's contribution to the Far North Coast N.S.W. music scene was acknowledged with an award for the Best Female Performer.

Having moved to the Illawarra Monica has joined this talented lineup and is planning to make a huge impact on the local music scene. With “top class” production, songs rehearsed to the final drum beat and sporting a killer song list you should try to get along and hear AudioVine now.

Gabe Vega ­ Drums and Backing Vocals
Gabe is well known amongst the industry in the local region as a tight and seasoned drummer often providing as a fill-in drummer on call when someone needs professional backup, this is apart from his normal gig having played the last 3 years with local band Double-X.

Gabe is the “engine room” of AudioVine providing a solid and reliable percussion component to this new band. Since 1980, Gabe has played in many originals and covers bands and enjoys musical influences from a range of bands and band types including The Police, Led Zeppelin, Extreme and the Dream Theatre.

Tony Waldock ­ Bass Guitar
Tony is one of the main driving forces within AudioVine and is a highly professional bass player having performed in bands consistently for the past seventeen years. Tony is held in high regard and known throughout the music industry performing throughout Australia with such bands as B.O.B (Bunch of Bricks) for three years, Kick the Cat, Seven Lives in Sydney for eighteen months and was a part of the “Bon Jovi” show out of Sydney playing state-wide 3-4 nights every week. Some of his more noted accomplishments includes supporting big name acts such as Taxi Ride, Screaming Jets, Ian Moss, Radiators and Noiseworks...just to name a few.

Tony is a prolific writer of original songs and to date has co-written three albums with his own original line ups as well as a number of collaborations with some of Australia’s leading well known writers and producers.

Locally Tony was part of the highly acclaimed Tornadoes playing bass for them for over seven years when they were performing regularly at the Dapto Leagues Club and Shellharbour Leagues club. Tony also co-founded and played with “The Edge”, a very popular hard hitting rock line up that is still performing today.

Tony’s current equipment lineup is a reliable Ernie Ball 4 String “Sting Ray” bass guitar with a sweet sounding Trace Elliot 400 watt RMX Amp through an Eden Quad box that provides ample support to the AudioVine engine room!

Tony is excited about his new musical line up in AudioVine and has brought together a group of professional and highly talented musicians and songwriters. He is looking forward to performing live again with this fantastic alternative rock band that will play selected covers and a range of their own awesome originals that Wollongong has not experienced for quite some time. Tony believes the new band,



Written By: Stuart Duncan

Just a cover up
You keep fooling around
Making things up
Another way to put me down
Talking is easy
To people like you
You say that you wanted me
I thought I was wanted too

You're dangerous
Dangerous to someone like me
Get up, get out, get lost right now
You're dangerous to me

I was mistaken
Thinking you could care
You're always faking
You were nevr really there
Oh, I'm paralyzed
And caught in between
You would trivialise
The things that would happen to me

You're dangerous
Dangerous to someone like me
Get up, get out, get lost right now
You're dangerous to me

BRIDGE (Instrumental)

You're dangerous
Dangerous to someone like me
Get up, get out, get lost right now
You're dangerous to me

You're dangerous
Dangerous to someone like me
Get up, get out, get lost right now
You're dangerous to me


Coming Soon!

Set List

Typically 3 for general 3 hour gigs or 4 sets for 4 hour gigs. Typical set lists include...

Time Of Your Life - Greenday
Come Together - Beatles
Warning - Greenday
Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Show Me How To Live - Audioslave
I'm The Only One - Melissa Etheridge
Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
Red Box - Simply Red
Willow Tree - Albert Collins
Steamy Windows - Tony Joe White
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge
Don't Tell Me To Stop - Madonna

Tush - ZZ Top
Virtigo - U2
Lost Control - Grinspoon
Hard To Handle - Black Crows
Suzy Q - Credence Clearwater
For Your Love - Yardbirds
Alright Now - Free
My Hero - Foo Fighters
Bang And Blame - REM
Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
Come On - Screaming Jets
Never Again - Nickleback

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Greenday
By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Like The Way I Do - Melissa Etheridge
Times Like These - Foo Fighters
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
Summertime - Thirsty Merc