St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Think classic rock meets alternative meets power pop. Put it all together and you get one hell of a good ol' fashioned rock & roll show! With songs ranging from high energy rock anthems to heartfelt ballads, there is no escaping AudioViral's infectious sounds.


Rick (vocals) and Codey (Guitar) were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance and began writing songs together. After the first incarnation of their band failed to materialize, they decided to find some new blood. They put the call out for fresh personnel and quickly found Kelly (drums). It was apparent from the start that the chemistry was right and AudioViral was born. The trio began working on arranging the material they had written over the past year. Soon after they found the missing piece of the puzzle. With the addition of Brian (bass) the group was finally complete. The incubation period is now finished and AudioViral's infectious sound will soon be taking over the world!


Craving Your Abuse

Written By: R. Hoops & C. Veatch

Verse 1
What have I become?
Where do I go now?
Living in a daze
I’ll make it through somehow
Identity’s been lost
How can I be found
I’ve reached my lowest point
Been buried in the ground

Ooo, ooo, oooh
What’s in this for you?
The pains of your infliction
Send pleasure through & through
Ooo, ooo, oooh
Tell me what to do
I’m lost in my damnation
I’m craving your abuse

Verse 2
Dish out your punishment
It’s all that I deserve
I try to disappoint
To satisfy my urge
I have to ask myself
How far will this go?
Know I should free myself
Except I love it so

Heart Beats

Written By: R. Hoops & C. Veatch

Verse 1
I can’t stop the rain
From falling in your life
But I will shelter you
Though You’re far away
The miles can’t deny
The love I feel for you

You’re heart beats with mine
For all eternity as one
You’re heart beats with mine
Our knot will never be undone
You’re heart beats with mine
And I am never gonna go away yeah yeah
Ooo oooh
I’m here to stay

Verse 2
The sun may rise and fall
The season come and pass
I’ll never understand
Each moment spent with you
From our first kiss to our last
Makes me a stronger man

Sink or Swim

Written By: R. Hoops & C. Veatch

Verse 1
Help me I’m falling under
The spell you’ve cast is taking over
Can’t help but watch in wonder
Eyes of fire and lips of clover
Brought to my knees again
Up to you I just can’t stand
Feel the world closing in
Like a stranger in a stranger land

Hypnotic chemistry
Flying on wings of ecstasy
The tide washes over me
Crashing in the waves of destiny
And it’s sink or swim

Verse 2
Woke me up at quarter to ten
To tell me I’ll never see you again
I rolled over and went back to bed
Try to find the way back in my head
You’re love keeps pulling me down
I’m gasping for breath before I drown
Snap back to reality
Where you’re heart has forsaken me

Hold on Me

Written By: R. Hoops

Verse 1
Passing through life
Lost in a haze
Knew what felt right
Didn’t know any other way
Tried not to feel
The emptiness when you weren’t around
It’s so surreal
Can’t believe you brought me so far down

But now I’ve broken you’re hold on me
I finally feel like I can breathe
Now I’ve broken you’re hold on me
It’s your turn to suffer
The pain of destiny
The pain of destiny

Verse 2
It was a wicked path
Into the unknown
The thorns of your disaster
Scarred me to the bone
But now I find desire
In my retribution
You finally have to face
Your bittersweet delusions

Living a Lie

Written By: R. Hoops & C. Veatch

Verse 1
Running out of patience
Running out of time
You know you’ve been behaving
Without reason or rhyme
Tried to talk it over
But you’re just not making sense
Been dreamin’ of the past again
It’s left me feeling tense

Verse 2
Changes in the weather
Changes in the air
That constant indecision
Ain’t getting us nowhere
Lord my head is spinning
From going round and roung
I’m finally seein’ clearly
And this is what I’ve found

I see what’s on your mind
You don’t have to be unkind
Look around cause you might find
That you’re living a lie

Verse 3
My mind is growin’ weary
Patience growin’ thin
I’m tired of this battle
That no one’s gonna win
Been weighin’ out my options
Deciding what to do
We wrote our final chapter
I’m telling you we’re through


AudioViral Demo
- Craving Your Abuse
- Heart Beats
- Sink or Swim
- Hold on Me
- Living a Lie

Set List

Typical Sets run 30-45 minutes.

Original Songs
Craving Your Abuse
- Heart Beats
- Sink or Swim
- Hold on Me
- Living a Lie
- Life in the City

Covers (as needed to fill time)
- Hash Pipe, by Weezer
- Monkey Wrench, by Foo Fighters
- Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga