Audio Voodoo

Audio Voodoo


Rock, like it used to be...Great Guitar Riffs, Catchy Melodies, Smooth Harmonies and Radio Friendly Songwriting. Audio Voodoo takes the best of the past and present, to craft their own Slammin' style of 'Balls to the Wall' Rock. Amen baby, Amen.


Audio Voodoo is a collective of 4 seasoned musicians all hailing from different regions of the U.S.
(New York, Oklahoma, Chicago and California),
who have come together to write and perform their own brand of Original 21st Century Rock.
Based in Central California, the band's music is a stew of various influences from
Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Beatles, to current acts like, The Chili Peppers,
Velvet Revolver and Gov't Mule. Their songs are crafted with catchy melodies, insightful lyrics
and smooth harmonies. And if that's not enough, the slammin' riffs and killer grooves will blow
you away! These guys are ready to let it rip. So.. Sit back, Relax and be ready to get tuned up!


Debut Album 'Shrunken Heads' on WhiteCloud Records. Available on iTunes, CD Baby and our own website

Set List

Our Set list is ever evolving as we are always adding new Originals and cover tunes. An example of some covers are: 'Fight for your Right' Beastie Boys 'Slither' Velvet Revolver and 'Mas Tequila' Sammy Hagar to name a few