Political and topical cabaret, songs and sketches for candidates and causes, raising smiles and eyebrows since 2003 at Lollapalooza, Green Festival, clubs, rallies, houseparties and fundraisers.


Since 2003, candidate campaign march songs, satirical bits, opponent obloquy dirges, dramatic reenactments, cause celebre chanties, and hilarious audio for serious products.

Set List

San Francisco Values, Michael Phelps is Swimming for Jamaica, President Obama Victory Dance Song, I'm a Bailout Billionaire, I Need to Drive, Hybrid Love, I WAS a Conservative Republican, Hum-V Owners for Sustainability, Ballad of the Keating Five, Lawdy Mama Gonna Vote Obama, Harvest of Hatred, Steve Irwin vs. The N. American Greenback, Iraqi Freedom Yoga, Survivor: The Middle East, Mad Happy Cow, Gavifer, Goobernator on Global Warming, A**hole Foods, What I Did in Iraq, Let's Go Tidal, Candidate Lady vs. Candidate Man, Martial Law Pilates, and more.