Auditory Implant

Auditory Implant


Unconventional, yet accessable, we are creating music which we ourselves enjoy, and we hope you will as well.


Auditory Implant is a Boston based hard rock trio. This musically talented band is comprised of drummer/vocalist Josh Hunt, guitarist Andrew Lariviere, and bassist Andy Hunt. Performing original heavy rock tunes interjected with varied assortment of musical styles, A.I is setting out to make a huge impression on today's music scene. Having played together on and off for well over 6 years, A.I. has evolved into a heavy hitting trio that plays as one.


"Auditory Implant" 4 song E.P.

Set List

(Originals) 45min
Cold Hearted Stone
Going Down
Stupid Song
Somewhat Normal
No Comparison

Pink Floyd's "In the Flesh"
Weezer's "Tired of Sex"
Queens of the Stone Age's "Go With the Flow"