San Diego, California, USA

The music of Audra is fraught with passion, strength and dissonant beauty. Songs built on the unsettled emotions of past relationships, the untimely passing of heroes and friends, fervent erotic fantasies and encounters with the divine.


Brothers Bret and Bart Helm form the core of Audra. Weaned on an early diet of Bowie, Bauhaus, Iggy Pop, Joy Division and Velvet Underground, the brothers began their musical union while young, their dichotomous personalities adding fuel to their creative energy. Singer and lyricist Bret Helm is the moody intellectual poet, while brother Bart’s paintbrush guitar tones provide a jagged edge to the band's music. Together, their common artistic vision is Audra, touching the nerve and moving the spirit in darkly mysterious hues.


LP: Everything Changes, 2009

LP: Going To The Theatre, 2002

LP: Audra, 2000

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