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Audra Hardt

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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West Hollywood, California, USA

West Hollywood, California, USA

Audra Hardt @ The Cat Club

West Hollywood, California, USA

West Hollywood, California, USA

Audra Hardt @ PALADINO'S

Reseda, California, USA

Reseda, California, USA

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"With requisite bare mid-riff and slinky body, she [Audra] sings about loser lovers, good times and peace in the valley. She's on the verge of making it big and she should: she's got Pat Benatar's rock, Alanis' growl, and Madonna's charisma."

"Her show is something to behold. Not content to pose in front of a mic like other chic singers, she incorporates the spectical of theatre into her act. "Come into my bedroom," she purrs as she pounces on to a tiny bed in the corner of the stage. The audience seems more than happy to follow her on her journey. When she commands the house to "Shh," the audience becomes pin-drop quiet.

For tender ballads, she lights candles and sings plaintively on her knees from the edge of the stage. Then she'll turn into a whirling tornado and launch into a dizzying dance number. "I like to go up and down," she hints about the change in music." - EDGE Magazine, Dan Gregory

I found a great rocker. So I was at the viper Room recently, and saw this chick audra hardt play. She was amazing!! I am going to see her again soon, I found she is playing at the Key club on the 14th. I am definitely looking forward to going!

Audra Hardt: @ THE KEY CLUB

Hollywood September 15, 2007- Audra Hardt performed at the Key Club on Friday night to celebrate the release of her EP, "Superficial Superstar". Comedian Bruce Vilanch introduced Audra to the stage after cracking the audience up with his stand-up on current events and pop culture. Wearing a shirt that covered little more than a bra, Audra began her set and immediately held her audience captive.

She may have caught the audience with her six pack abs, but it was the strength of her voice and her demanding stage presence that kept them hostage. The show began with original music from Audra Hardt. It is contemporary rock and roll with lyrics women find themselves relating to, yet hard hitting enough for any man of rock. The power ballad "Now and Then" emphasized Hardt's vocal prowess and genuine talent, while "Watch Me" and "Do it to Me" demonstrated Hardt's potential for the band to make the leap into mainstream pop rock. Hardt ended the set with covers of Grace Slick's pain and Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit", during which a large portion of the audience were dancing in front of the stage and was heard yelling one more song at the end of the set.

All in all it was an ideal performance. Celebrities Michael Lerner, Keith David and Bruce Vilanch were in the audience. "Hardt's Girls" were present selling the just released EP "Superficial Superstar" in cigarette girl fashion and brandishing everyone with free bracelets and tattoos. A tactic that worked well -nearly every member of the audience left with a copy of "Superficial Superstar". If you are a fan of rock and roll and love checking out new bands on the verge of something big, I suggest you keep your eyes on Audra Hardt. You will be glad you did! - LA Scene

Audra Hardt – Named by Music Connection Magazine among the top unsigned artist of 2007 and one to watch in 2008, Audra Hardt is starting off the new year with a bang. Despite a challenging adolesence, Audra managed to turn obstacles into inspiration allowing challenges to motivate her creativity. Audra’s edginess, vocal strength and incredible stage presence caught the ear of futurist, entrepreneur, and inventor of music synthesizers; Ray Kurzweil who underwrote to recording of Audra’s first album “No Disguise” in 2005. Ray is also including the song ‘Trade Off” for upcoming documentary entitled Singularity Is Near while director John Nolte includes song “Now And Then” in upcoming film “Beautiful Lose”. Audra Hardt’s EP Superficial Superstar is available on iTunes, Amazon and other music downloads. Go to for more information.

The Acoustic Lounge is one of many opportunities BMI offers to artists to showcase their talent in front of their peers and a supportive audience. - BMI Publications


EP - Superficial Superstar; 2007
Produced by Audra Hardt & Steve Klong

Album - No Disguise; 2005
Executive Producer, Raymond Kurzweil

Movie - Singularity Is Near; 2009
Director, Toshi Hoo & Raymond Kurzweil
"Victory", "White Rabbit"
"White Rabbit" by Grace Slick
Soundtrack perfomance by Audra Hardt

Movie - Beautiful Loser; 2007
Director, John Nolte
"Now & Then" by Hardt, Klong, Bieber
Soundtrack Performance by Audra Hardt

Movie - Circuit; 2002
Director, Dirk Shafer
"White Rabbit" by Grace Slick
Soundtrack perfomance by Audra Hardt



Audra Hardt is a local girl . . . local to Los Angeles & Hollywood, that is.

And the entertainment capital of the world is certainly a great place to play . . . perhaps too great. As a child, Audra did everything to the max; a candle burning at both ends and sometimes in the middle. Rebellious, indulgent, independent, self destructive . . . Everything in the EXTREME. At 15 Audra had an epiphany.......... in a jail cell, her 3rd arrest that year. It was a flash of insight that some never receive in a lifetime. That day, at that moment, in that cell, "all that had been my curse became my crusade; all that had been my burden became my blessing".

Driven-from-within and encouraged along the way by music industry notables, Audra developed a take no prisoners approach on stage and in life. She's a fighter and channels life's loves and heartaches into her songs in ways that both excite and inspire. One of those so inspired was Ray Kurzweil, renowned futurist, entrepreneur, and inventor of Kurzweil music synthesizers, who was smitten by her edginess, vocal strength and incredible ability to combine all of that with a stage presence that commands an audience. A patron and true 'Audraphile' for years, Ray underwrote the recording of her first album, "No Disguise", in 2005. In turn, Audra was his inspiration for 'Ramona', a virtual avatar in cyberspace he created as the 'archetypical female-rock singer' . . . come to life in Audra Hardt herself. All Audra needed was a 'kick-ass' rock band behind her, and now she's got one.

Audra says, "Listen to "Sinner-Saint", "Watch Me", "Think", "You Said", "Do It To Me", and "Now And Then" from my new EP SUPERFICIAL SUPERSTAR and hear for yourself what I've got going on."

Game On!